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The Kingdom of Sand provides the highest challenges in off road racing – DAKAR 2020 | EVENTS

The route of the first edition of the Dakar in Saudi Arabia explores the vast expanses of the largest country in the Middle East. The drivers and crews would be facing a total of 7,500 km, including 5,000 km of special stages, five of them longer than 450 km. In a country where the desert is king, 75 percent of ...

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NEPTUNE ON THE HORIZON | Chris Mullett reports on hydrogen fuel-cell technology from the NACV Atlanta.

Chris Mullett reports on hydrogen fuel-cell technology from the NACV Atlanta. There’s little doubt the impact of future technology is going to radically change our current perceptions of long-haul trucking. Although the truck manufacturers of Europe and North America have dominated engineering development since the first diesel engine cranked into life, the computer age may well result in the next ...

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TRUCKING IN AMERICA | North American Commercial Vehicle Show

Chris Mullett reports from the North American Commercial Vehicle Show. The North American Commercial Vehicle Show (NACV) fired up the rhetoric in Atlanta, Georgia as the major US manufacturers gathered for what is now the leading trucking event in the bi-annual calendar. Taking over from the Mid America Truck Show (MATS), that still takes place annually in Louisville, Kentucky, it’s ...

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A COUNTRY CLASSIC | EVENT – Kenworth Klassic

Warren Caves commemorates the nostalgia of the KW brand As I walk across the grassed carpark past the scattering of empty float trailers and various other trailing equipment loaded for the Monday’s transport commitments, the sun’s glare began to reflect off the polished aluminium and stainless-steel adornments bolted proudly to what would have to be the most accessorised, customised and ...

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The Penrith Working Truck Show struts its best – Words by Warren Caves, Images by Torque it Up. The Penrith Working Truck Show, now in its 32nd year, continues to entice and encourage the trucking community with its exemplary display of vehicles from today and yesteryear. The annual event is an integral part of the Western Sydney trucking scene, providing ...

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