Euro 6 DAF Arrives in Australia

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At an event on the Gold Coast, the Paccar pizazz, with flashing lights and loud music, announced the latest addition to the stable, as the Euro 6 DAF arrives in Australia. The New XF and the New CF are now at the same level of technology and using the same driveline as the latest models on European roads. 

According to DAF, engine innovations, new drivelines and aerodynamic optimisations result in significantly reduced fuel consumption. The new generation models also feature enhanced safety features, and an updated interior and exterior design.

“Building on the excellent reputation for fuel efficiency, reliability and driver comfort, the Euro 6 DAF range has earned in Europe, DAF has developed a new generation of XF and CF trucks offering the best possible solutions for both the customer and the driver”, said Brad May, Director Sales and Marketing, Paccar Australia. “Backed by our extensive and professional dealer network, the new trucks have superseded the existing range with exceptional advancements.”

Improved fuel efficiency is the result of the fully integrated and innovative driveline that achieves optimum interaction between the engine, exhaust after-treatment system, transmission and rear axles, which reduces the total cost of ownership.

As Euro 6 DAF arrives in Australia, the Paccar MX engines now have a more efficient turbocharger, a new EGR system and a new valve actuation design. There is also a new combustion system, including new pistons, injectors and injection strategies, while higher compression ratios are employed.

Maximum torque of the Paccar MX-13 engine has been increased and is available from 900 rpm to allow down speeding of the engine. The top-of-the range Paccar MX-13 engine produces 530 hp and 2,600 Nm of torque at 1,000 rpm.

The latest generation of TraXon automated gearboxes are standard on the new XF and CF series with the 12 speed being standard and a 16 speed optional. Less friction losses and even faster upshifts also contribute to lowest fuel consumption. 

The new XF and CF model range features a completely new electric and electronic architecture. It introduces a new vehicle control unit for dedicated driveline integration.


Euro 6 DAF arrives in Australia