Engine With a Top Power of 770hp Released 

engine with a top power of 770hp released

A new range of V8s engines include an all new engine with a top power of 770hp released this week by Scania. The Swedish truck maker is also claiming fuel savings of up to six per cent, when the new G33 gearbox is included in the drivetrain.

The new engine designs have undergone extensive fine-tuning and development including reduced internal friction, higher compression ratios, improved after-treatment systems and a new powerful engine management system (EMS).

engine with a top power of 770hp released

The new 770 hp (566kW) engine produces 3700 Nm (2729 ft lb) of torque between 1000 and 1450 rpm, an increase of 40 hp and 200 Nm on Scania’s previous top power engine. This figure of 770 also leapfrogs the previous most powerful production truck engine, currently available from Volvo. 

This latest release may recommence the ongoing horsepower race which has been a part of the history of the rivalry between the two Swedish manufacturers. Don’t be surprised if, in a couple of months, Volvo announce another leapfrogging jump in horsepower available, going up from their current 750hp and getting ever closer to 800hp.

The powerful DC16 123 Scania engine produces its 770 hp with the help of bigger injectors and a fixed geometry turbocharger using ball bearings. The result is faster response and improved combustion. Shedding certain heavy components and simplifying others has lowered the weight by up to 75 kg, compared with its predecessor.

The updated V8 range is now equipped with a new high-pressure fuel pump where the pumping elements are individually controlled through Active Inlet Metering. The overall pressure and inlet control will be enhanced with improved diagnostics for increased uptime and performance. The new pump is also optimised for minimising engine oil consumption. Also, the compression ratio and the maximum cylinder pressure has been raised, to further improve combustion and fuel efficiency.

engine with a top power of 770hp released

Scania is introducing a new range of gearboxes that are planned to eventually replace all current automated Scania Opticruise solutions. The first member of the new range, the G33CM, is linked to the updated V8s and Scania’s 13-litre engines with 500 and 540 hp outputs. 

The new gearbox range has a significantly wider spread with a true overdrive gear and can handle both low and high revs in an efficient way.

Engineers focused on internal friction when designing and developing the new transmissions.and internal losses were reduced by around 50 per cent. This was accomplished through polishing some of the gears, by using low viscosity transmission fluid and by locating the lion’s share of the oil in a separate, dry sump-like container on top of the gearbox. This reduces internal oil splash since the gears are not continuously exposed to oil.

The first example in the new range, the G33CM, is around 60 kg lighter than the current gearboxes, mainly due to the all-aluminium housings and smaller dimensions. The all-new Scania Opticruise gearbox range has no parts in common with the existing range.

The new gearboxes are shorter than the most common Scania gearbox at present, GRS905. By only using two synchromesh gears (compared to seven) between the low and high range split, the new gearboxes are shorter and sturdier, with shafts capable of handling more torque. This also enables Scania to use gears with slightly wider cogs that can handle more load and are more durable.

“While shifting to fossil-free transport, we must do everything to improve our current solutions,” said Alexander Vlaskamp, Scania’s Executive Vice President, Head of Sales and Marketing. “You cannot let your house burn down simply because a new one is under construction. The transition must be seamless.”

“For a long-distance truck covering around 150,000 kilometres per year, the operator may save up to 4000-litres of fuel annually for a truck with our new V8 a tremendous achievement in every respect.”

engine with a top power of 770hp released