Electric Trucks are Inevitable 

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There is no need to keep your head in the sand, the fact of the matter is electric trucks are inevitable, around the world, and here in Australia. If they are inevitably going to become part of our lives then we need to understand them and work out how they can be used in the future Australian trucking industry.

Some may turn around and say that they are not inevitable, asking, what about hydrogen truck power? The fact of the matter is that even an hydrogen powered truck is likely to have an electric driveline, with the a hydrogen fuel cell generating charge to power the electric motor.

Recent events in Australian politics see the government inching towards accepting the inevitability of a realistic zero emissions strategy, also likely to include a target like a 50 per cent reduction in emissions by 2030, bringing us in line with the rest of the developed world. 

In order to achieve the new targets, there are probably going to be two drivers putting pressure on the trucking industry to do its bit in the push to zero emissions. We are already seeing strong pressure from the big corporates, setting zero emissions targets for themselves and demanding that their supply chains do their bit in driving down carbon emissions.

To do this in the timescale demanded, there is going to be the need to invest heavily in electric drivelines and drastically reduce the number of diesel engines hauling freight around the country.

The second driver for change, in most countries where there is a clear zero emissions target set, is the use of incentives to encourage a faster pace of change from carbon based fuels to any of the alternatives.

If our government does jump onto the zero emissions bandwagon, and this prospect is looking more and more inevitable at the moment, then the only solution which is ready now and can be developed  to suit the difficult Aussie conditions, will involve some form of electric driveline. 

There you have it, the fact of the matter is electric trucks are inevitable, around the world, and here in Australia.

 electric trucks are inevitable