Electric Truck Which Still Goes Hard

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The Hyliion Hypertruck ERX has been launched and gone on sale with plenty of hype around the fact that it is an electric truck which still goes hard. This video includes smoking tyres and acceleration statistics to show that this is not a soft and easy going truck, but a real truck which can be exciting to drive.

This is a bit of a turnaround from a lot of the publicity seeking electric and fuel cell truck launches we have seen in the last few years. The typical launch shows a sleek modern design with a state-of-the art, spaceship like cabin interior.

The story is always about the environmental and cost saving benefits of an electric-based powertrain. The call to action is based on the rational decision to go down the zero emissions route to save the planet and save costs.

This ERX launch video is all about the truck’s ability to do a burnout at the same time as saving the planet by being a zero emission alternative.

The design, based on a Freightliner Cascadia sees a fully electric drivetrain and a natural gas-powered onboard generator to recharge the battery, the Hypertruck ERX is claimed to provide more than 1,600km of range. The powertrain also produces electricity locally at roughly 30 per cent less than the average grid cost (at US prices), which is claimed to yield a seven-year cost-of-ownership unmatched by any diesel, battery-electric (BEV) or hydrogen fuel-cell (FCEV) truck under development.

“Hyliion is leading the way in electrified trucking,” said Thomas Healy, Hyliion CEO. “Our practical solution addresses the most important needs of today’s fleets: cost savings, lower emissions and a fuelling infrastructure that can support long-haul transportation.”

electric truck which still goes hard

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