Drink and Drug Rules Tightened

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Recent changes in the regulations in Victoria have seen the drink and drug rules tightened. The limits are now zero right down to trucks with a GVM of 4.5 tonnes. 

AS VicRoads state, alcohol and drug issues are a serious health and safety risk, particularly for employees who are driving on the road. As of 1 April 2021, the blood-alcohol limit is zero for drivers of heavy vehicles greater than 4.5 tonne (GVM).

“We’ve worked closely with industry health and safety experts and the Alcohol and Drug Foundation to develop a toolkit to help businesses manage the risks of alcohol and other drugs (AOD) in the workplace,” says the Victorian agencies promotional material on this topic.

The free toolkit includes:

  • An online policy builder – answer a few questions about your workplace and a tailored, comprehensive policy is generated
  • An employer’s guide – contains information to support businesses to successfully implement and manage the policy
  • Online education for employees – to help employees understand their obligations to the policy and the impacts of alcohol and other drugs in the workplace.
  • Resources – to help you identify and manage alcohol and drug problems in the workplace.

VicRoads tell us that employees should:

  • not be affected by alcohol or drug use during working hours, including hangovers and drug comedowns
  • be aware of their own ability/inability to work and ensure they comply with their employer’s policies at all times
  • inform their supervisor if they believe they may not be fit for work.

Employees need to remember that fitness for work includes your physical, mental and emotional state.

VicRoads insist that all workplaces, no matter how small, should have a comprehensive alcohol and other drugs policy. To help you with your workplace policy, they’ve created a simple online toolkit with input from industry experts and the Alcohol and Drug Foundation: https://go.vic.gov.au/WA6T07.

drink and drug rules tightened

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