Diesel Digest Update Tuesday April 21 2020

Diesel Digest Update Thursday May 7 2020

Everything seems to be changing so fast and the pace of this latest crisis is not letting up, Diesel News is passing on the latest updates and some positive vibes from around Australia, which are vital for the trucking industry, in our Diesel Digest Update Tuesday April 21 2020.

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Easing of the rules for roller brake testing announced:

Diesel Digest Update Tuesday April 21 2020

There is still hope for the future, our young people:

Diesel Digest Update Tuesday April 21 2020

Even when the trucking industry is being regarded as heroes, there are still plenty of haters:

Rod Hannifey will always be working hard to get his message across despite the best effort of the motorbikes and aircraft:

Infrastructure improvements keep coming through:

Twas ever thus:

This Diesel Digest Update Tuesday April 21 2020 is an initiative from Diesel News to help the trucking industry stay in touch with what is going on, looking at topics which directly effect them.

Diesel News will still be producing our weekly email newsletter with news, videos and more feature articles about our fantastic industry.

However, the situation is so fast moving, the team at Diesel News has decided to bring you the latest information you need right now, to a social media feed near you on a more regular basis, keeping you abreast with all the latest developments.

As an essential service to the wider community, the trucking industry, doesn’t have much time to sit back and smell the roses, or spend long periods in front of a screen to find out just what’s going in these fast moving times.

The Diesel Digest Update has been designed to be a short sharp web blast of breaking with quick links to the latest stories, linking to the full story if you need more meat on the bone.