Despite Disruption Caused by the Crisis 

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Diesel News’ European Correspondent, Will Shiers, witnessed a new truck launch, despite disruption caused by the crisis due to the spread of Covid-19 in Europe. The event, as Volvo launched four new trucks, but as a live online broadcast with none of the media attending, saw Will interacting with the event from his office computer.

Two days prior to one of the most significant launches in its 92-year history, the early spread of Covid-19 in Europe forced Volvo Trucks to cancel the huge press event it had planned in its hometown of Gothenburg, Sweden. 

So, instead of seeing its all-new FM and FMX, and face-lifted FH and FH16 in the metal, the world’s press was forced to tune in to a live on-line broadcast. Fortunately, Will has since had the chance to spend some time in an FMX cab, but at the time of writing, he is yet to drive any of the new models. 

To get the full story on the new Volvos and so much more, click here to be able to read Will’s full report in the next issue of Diesel Magazine. 

Anyone feeling slightly underwhelmed by the external changes to the new FH, should be slightly happier when they climb inside the truck. Volvo hasn’t gone overboard, but it is a considerable improvement over its predecessor.

But the big winners here are the FM and FMX, which now both feature modified versions of the FH interior. Digital screens are the icing on the cake.

Directly in front of the driver in all four models, is a new 30.5cm digital display, which can be configured in one of four different ways. Meanwhile, a 23cm touchscreen, which is standard on FM, FH and FH16 in Australia, provides infotainment and navigation information, and camera monitoring. In addition to controlling it by touch, the screen can be operated by voice control or via buttons on the steering wheel.


despite disruption caused by the crisis