Deliver a Better Way to Trade

deliver a better way to trade

For more than 40 years, Capricorn has been working with repairers and auto suppliers to deliver a better way to trade. According to David Fraser, Group CEO Capricorn Society, we are now seeing that this includes more and more repairers from the trucking and transport industry. 

deliver a better way to trade

Capricorn’s push to welcome more Members from the commercial and heavy diesel sectors is driven by the society’s knowledge that the more members join the cooperative, the more all members will benefit and the healthier the industry becomes. 

For those not familiar with Capricorn, the proposition is simple. As a Capricorn Member you receive instant trade with thousands of leading suppliers. That means no more establishing multiple credit lines with different groups. 

Choose to use these Preferred Suppliers for all current everyday expenses and you will be rewarded. Rewards include financial incentives such as points that may be redeemed for a range of merchandise or to discount your purchases each month. The Capricorn Rewards program is one of the most generous in Australasia that returns significant financial benefits.

In the last financial year alone, Capricorn distributed more than $45 million in rewards points and trade rebates to its 20,000 plus Members. With zero membership fees, it’s fair to say that a Capricorn membership is likely to be the only one that pays you! 

As a Member you are also provided access to a range of exclusive business resources that are designed to streamline operations and help businesses to be more successful. Consolidating all business expenses through a Capricorn trade account makes accounting simple too, with just the one statement to pay each month. 

deliver a better way to trade

No one knows this better than our current Members which is why we are calling on them to recommend other heavy vehicle repairers who they think would do well by joining too. All successful referrals will receive 10,000 Capricorn Rewards points as thanks. 

If you are a current Capricorn Member who’d like to take part in this initiative, speak to your Capricorn Area Manager or call us on 1800 327 437. 

If you are interested in how to deliver a better way to trade and learning more about how you can benefit by joining Capricorn, email to arrange a visit from a local Capricorn representative. Alternatively, you can visit to find out the full range of Member resources and benefits available. 

“I look forward to keeping you up to date in PowerTorque magazine each month to let you know more about all the things Capricorn is doing to make trucking and transport stronger,” says David.

deliver a better way to trade