Dealing with Covid in Rural Trucking

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Here’s a rare thing, a TV report about the trucking industry which is not negative about our industry, and outlines the issues around dealing with Covid in rural trucking. This Sky News Business Reporter, Ed Boyd, actually gets out there and talks to those involved in the industry with genuine knowledge about what’s going on in the the current climate.

It can be pretty impossible to get over all of the issues facing the trucking industry, especially those in country areas, in just under seven minutes, but he does manage to cover a number of topics of concern.

The difficulties around just functioning as a transport operation in these times, with border rules constantly changing and drivers needing to be tested regularly for the virus are laid out in terms the viewing public, with no knowledge of the industry, can understand.

The problems around getting and keeping staff are also explained in a way which is both accurate and understandable to the general public. The report also gives the two industry representatives, Robert Cavanagh, of Stockmaster and Cavanaghs Transport, and Paul Pulver, here representing the Livestock and Bulk Carriers Association of NSW, a chance to explain exactly what is causing issues in the industry.

It is quite refreshing to see a report from the point of view of those involved at the coal face of our industry being allowed to talk about the issues involved, without references reflecting the anti-trucking attitudes of many members of the general public.

From the point of view of the overall image of the trucking industry and those involved in it, more of this kind of reporting is what is needed to bring an improved image of the trucking industry to society at large.

The consequences of not getting our message out in a sensible and considered way are with us now, with a lack of new young recruits to replace the baby boomers, who predominate in our industry and are now retiring.

dealing with Covid in rural trucking