DashCam Video With a Happy Ending

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This is like a breath of fresh air, instead of the stupidity and destruction of most dashcam videos on the internet, here’s a dashcam video with a happy ending.

The story being told here has all of the elements of a classic tale, with the happy couple motoring along the highway and realising the traffic has come to a halt ahead. The driver calmly slows, but has concerns that those behind him may not have seen the stationary traffic.

Then there’s a period of relief, when he realises the car behind is pulling up safely. The couple sit quietly in their car awaiting the signal to get going again.

It is at this point that the level of drama increase and we, the audience, viewing the footage from the rear facing camera can see danger looming as a B-double tipper leaves it too late to brake safely. Meanwhile, the couple sit blissfully unaware of the trouble brewing behind.

The danger becomes apparent when the woman in the passenger seat sees a truck speeding past her on the grass verge. The full implications of what could have happened dawns on the people in the queue as the truck bumps along the rough verge and hits a ditch on the way through.

At the end of the day, everyone came out safe and well. The driver of the truck would have been shaken up, but in a much better position than he could have been, if it had all gone wrong. The right hand front wheel and bull bar may have copped some damage, but the truck stayed upright and ended on a firm grass base, from which they should be able to pull back out on to the highway and be on their way. 

Everyone did the right thing, but it was a moment of of inattention on the part of the truck driver which lead to the incident. Yes, everyone was OK, the driver may be in trouble for unnecessary damage to the truck, but we need to come away from this incident a little wiser and more wary.

When a truck approaches a queue at 100 km/h and does not spot the stationary traffic, the consequences are often much worse, even fatal. Witnessing a near miss like this, even though it is a dashcam video with a happy ending, should make us more aware of the need to keep attention on the road ahead.

This video is also a clear illustration of the effect of including Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) on our trucks. Although it is being mandated, it will be well over ten years before 50 per cent of our trucks will be fitted with it. 

dashcam video with a happy ending

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