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Dash cams tell the story

A dash cam video shown on Channel Nine shows just what the average Aussie truckie has to put up with. A car driver, asleep or not, has no right to be overtaking a truck on a two lane road, with another truck coming the other way. Luckily, the truckie is switched on and saves the day without completely wrecking the truck.

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The problem is this is nothing new, truck drivers all over Australia see this kind of thing every day. What is new, however, is the dash cam, this is supplying the evidence to demonstrate whose fault any incident is. In the past, it was always the truck’s fault, now dash cams are being fitted in trucks all over the country as an insurance about getting the blame for another’s stupidity.

Here’s a selection from the roads of Melbourne:

Another example of the kind of stuff going on everyday, from the Southside of Brisbane:

Four years ago, A Current Affair (not normally the truckie’s friend), collected a few examples from the earliest dash cams.

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