Cutting Down on Paperwork

cutting down on paperwork

Campbell Transport is cutting down on paperwork and overcoming the challenge of dispatching jobs to drivers in remote locations, often on the road for days, with the MyTrucking driver app.


David Campbell founded Campbell Transport at the age of 22, when he bought his first truck. Now, 22 years later, the fleet has grown to 80 trucks.

Based in Western Australia, the business does bulk haulage, grain, fertiliser, has side tippers and carts livestock, as well as general freight. The three arms of the business are agriculture, mining, and general freight.

Prior to MyTrucking, owner David Campbell says it was a matter of phoning drivers, many of whom could be away for days or even weeks at a time, and working in areas with little to no mobile coverage. 

“Ring them up, tell them where to go over the phone. We couldn’t get any paperwork back for up to two weeks sometimes, it was very cumbersome. Then everything was entered into a diary.

“We wanted the paperwork back immediately to be able to invoice straight away, and check everything was correct, instead of going back weeks to verify things. We wanted to be able to give jobs to drivers without having to ring constantly to give them information.”

cutting down on paperwork

David says they discovered MyTrucking, which was the best product on the market for what they wanted to achieve.

His agriculture operations manager, Leon Whittle, attended the NatRoad Conference in Queensland. On talking with MyTrucking owner Sara (Orsborn) both thought a trial was a good idea and, as Leon says, it just took off from there.

Leon says the software is easy to use. “It’s so friendly to use. We can see what we’ve got – no whiteboards, no paperwork. I reckon it’s a great system, I love it.”

The biggest benefit has been the driver’s app, given the remote nature of many of their jobs. 

“A lot of places we go to have bad cellphone reception, and we sometimes have trouble contacting drivers if they’re out of range. With the app, we put a load on and bang, it’s on their phone and they know exactly what they need to do – that makes it really easy. We can put maps on there and, as long as the client gives me the right location number, the drivers can see exactly where they’re going.”

He also rates the new Save and Repeat feature on MyTrucking. “If anyone has a job that requires multiple loads in a day, I upload the job once and at the end of the day the driver loads how many deliveries he’s done for the day himself. It saves a heap of time – and phone calls.”


Favourite truck?


Favourite trucking route?

East West on the Eyre Highway

Best place to get a pie?

My brother’s bakery in Flora Hill, Bendigo, Victoria

Favourite MyTrucking feature?

All of it – it’s so easy to use

Favourite saying/catchphrase?

“I will make it happen”

cutting down on paperwork

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