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West Australian tree specialist company Arbor Guy was founded in 2008 by Managing Director, Guy Badger.

Beginning with a small but dedicated three-person team, the business has exploded to an operation employing 28 full-time employees who share a  passion to promote a healthy urban and natural forest for all to enjoy.

Day to day, you’ll find the Arbor Guy crews all over the state of Western Australia, offering services such as tree care, pruning, removal and transplanting, green waste mulching, weed control and in-house traffic management.

“Since 2010, we’ve bought all of our trucks from South West Isuzu Bunbury and we have two more on order right now,” said Guy Badger. “It’s a working relationship that started 10 years ago and over that time, Arbor Guy has grown its fleet to a total of nine Isuzu trucks, all designed to meet the unique daily needs of the business,” he added. 

Covering both Isuzu’s N and F Series line-ups, some vehicles have been converted into, “a mulch truck with customised bins on the back for woodchips and mulch,” or built-out specifically for traffic management.

From floating elevated work platforms to towing commercial grade wood-chippers, there’s an Isuzu solution suited to each application.

The heroes of the fleet are the NPR 75-190 and the FSR 140-260, both fitted with tray bodies, to carry the forestry machinery out into the field.

Carrying tonnes of machinery over hundreds of kilometres a week is no mean feat, but a job made easy for the FSR with a GVM of 14,000 kg and an engine producing 191 kW @ 2,400 rpm. Equally, the NPR 75-190 rated at a 7,500 kg GVM and 140 kW @ 2,600 rpm of power is also extremely well suited to the task at hand.

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