Custom and Classic

The Champion Bulldogs | Truck Review – MACK Trucks

Warren Caves visits the Rockhampton tribute to MACK Trucks Everyone needs a hobby, something to fill those idle moments in your life with an interest that inspires you. Some collect stamps or coins, some find solitude in bushwalking or fishing. Then there’s Tony Champion. Tony’s hobby is, well quite frankly, it’s next level. Tony collects and restores Mack Trucks. A ...

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CUSTOM & CLASSIC | Kenworth W924

Warren Caves and Torque it Up Photography relive the nostalgia of Australian trucking. We’ve all done it. Gazed upon something from afar, a house, a car or even a truck and proclaimed, “I’m going to buy that one day”. For most of us that’s about as far as it goes, an object of desire engrained in our memory, a distant ...

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Warren Caves enjoys some local history and a large dose of nostalgia Childhood memories can hold a special place in the heart − a trusty family dog, a favourite push-bike or matchbox car, or special experiences long held dear. For those with truck-driving fathers, sometimes those experiences come from school holiday adventures riding shotgun with Dad to far-off places. For ...

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FAT388 | The PETERBILT 388 of B & R Stevens Transport | CUSTOM & CLASSIC

 TRANS FAT, Powder Pony Warren Caves discusses the perils (and rewards) of shopping. Images by Torque it Up. You know those times when you go out shopping for an item and bring home something completely different? I usually go out for a loaf of bread and come home with a 57-piece socket set, a six-pack of undies and a slab ...

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History and nostalgia play a role today with Cooma Sand and Concrete – Words by Warren Caves, images by Torque it Up. If you started working for Cooma Sand and Concrete today as a driver in the company’s latest truck, you would be treated to such luxuries as a Cummins ISL 9.0-litre, 360 hp diesel engine, matched to an Allison ...

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