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Cummins Moving Into the Electric Battery Space

Cummins moving into the the electric battery space

In preparation for the move by the truck industry across from fossil fuel power to alternative power sources, a new agreement with Sion Power sees Cummins moving into the the electric battery space. 

Sion is a leading developer of next-generation rechargeable batteries and the company has entered into an agreement with Cummins to design and supply battery cells based on its proprietary Licerion Electric Vehicle (EV) lithium metal technology for commercial electric vehicle applications.

In connection with the agreement, Cummins has made an investment in the Sion Power enterprise. Under the agreement, Sion Power will engage in a multi-year development program to design and supply large-format lithium metal battery cells for use in Cummins battery packs. 

The Licerion system is a hybrid between today’s lithium-ion and tomorrow’s solid-state batteries. It has the advantages of solid-state, but it is available today. The batteries developed by Cummins will be integrated in its electric powertrains for commercial vehicles.

“Sion Power’s Licerion is an enabling technology for the Cummins’ future electric commercial vehicle offerings,” said Sion Power’s Chief Executive Officer, Tracy Kelley. “Cummins is an ideal partner for Sion Power to enable this next generation of electric mobility and significantly support the decarbonisation of the transportation industry.”

Cummins moving into the the electric battery space

Sion Power’s high-energy battery chemistry is an important component in Cummins’ roadmap to electrify the company’s commercial vehicle products. Based on Sion Power’s proprietary lithium-metal anode technology and incorporating its patented manufacturing process, the cell provides a robust, long-lasting rechargeable battery for Cummins’ demanding applications.

“Our customers rely on Cummins to provide the most robust electric powertrains in the world,” said Amy Davis, Vice President at Cummins and President of the company’s New Power segment. “We need battery technologies that will meet the performance and cost expectations for tough, commercial vehicle duty cycles.”

Sion Power’s Licerion technology is an advanced approach to lithium-metal batteries containing twice the energy in the same size and weight battery, compared to a traditional lithium-ion battery. As a result, Cummins moving into the the electric battery space with Licerion batteries gives them the potential to significantly enhance the performance of commercial and consumer electric vehicles.

Cummins moving into the the electric battery space

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