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Cummins Foton joint venture in China

A new truck has been launched in China by Foton fitted with the new Cummins ISG 11 and 12 engines, designed specifically for the truck and built by the Cummins/Foton joint venture in Beijing, China.




The truck released by Foton to utilise the new engine is the GTL model, itself developed as part of Foton’s business relationship with Daimler Trucks. The new truck has a similar look of the Mercedes Benz Actros, probably as a result of the relationship with Daimler.


In its initial launch the truck is aimed at the Chinese truck market but it can be assumed as the truck matures it will be offered to other countries. With Cummins involved there should be little problem engineering the technology to meet different emission rules around the world.


The ISG is a completely new engine series from Cummins with 10.5 and 11.8 litre engine capacities available. Power ratings are set all of the way from 310 hp up to 490 hp (231 to 365 kW), with torque ratings from 1490 Nm to 2305 Nm (1100 to 1700 ft lb).


According to Cummins the new ISG design uses 50 per cent less components and weighs 30 per cent less than the equivalent Cummins ISX 11, as sold in the US market. This engine follows the earlier ISF 2.8 and 3.8 litre engines now being used in Foton trucks and utes sold in Australia.


Here is a video about the Foton Cummins engine plant in China:

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