COVID-19 Fighting Trucks

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With parts of Australia in the grip of another wave of the pandemic, COVID-19 fighting trucks are in demand as the need for comprehensive sanitation solutions has grown exponentially.

In anticipation, Brisbane-based Service Bodies Australia (SBA) has teamed-up with Isuzu Trucks to build two prototype‘COVID Buster’Isuzu N Series trucks, designed to clean and sanitise large surface areas in shared spaces such as parks, recreational areas, schools and apartment complexes.

Designed to carry a fully equipped, compressed air sanitation unit with an on-board water reservoir, the units were put through their paces. With both private and local government stakeholders in attendance, the capabilities of both units were showcased at a popular Brisbane picnic area.

Isuzu Australia Limited Fleet Sales Manager (QLD & NT), Steve Goulding, said the development of the prototypes was a timely response to an unprecedented public safety issue.

“Alongside our partners at SBA, we’re pleased to be able to demonstrate the capabilities and the efficiencies of this product in a real-world situation,” said Steve. “I think it’s particularly pertinent in today’s market. The COVID situation is changing so rapidly, and I think it’s important that industry remains agile and adaptable to that change.”

This is a great example of two innovative organisations showing their willingness to adapt and modify a product, to respond to the needs of the market.

“It is a space where Isuzu Trucks has built an exceptional track record over the years—in working with our partners to develop unique solutions for the benefit of our customer base,” said Steve.

Built upon Isuzu’s NPR 45-155 Servicepack X AMT platform and the NPS 45-155 4×4 Servicepack X AMT, the twoCOVID Buster models come equipped with SBA’s Spitwater compressor cleaning unit, capable of thoroughly cleaning and treating all contaminable surfaces, from glass to concrete or steel.

COVID-19 fighting trucks