Common Sense Change in Road Train Rules in NSW

common sense change in road train rules in NSW

Changes to road train access conditions in NSW is claimed to be a significant advocacy win for the Livestock, Bulk and Rural Carriers Association (LBRCA), after successfully driving reform and getting a common sense change in road train rules in NSW from Transport for NSW.

Paul Toole , NSW Minister for Regional Transport is reported to have confirmed that more road trains can use more of the road train network in NSW following an announcement this week.

Long-awaited, these changes bring consistency of access for similar performing vehicles including flexibility in telematics and suspension requirements. The headline change is that type 1 A-doubles, excluding livestock loads, with both a tandem-axle dolly are now able to operate on all approved Type 1 A-double road train routes on and east of the Newell Highway. There are a series of adjustment to improve access in the area.

“This significant and critical reform will remove roadblocks that have stifled productivity and growth of many NSW operators over the years because of inconsistent road train access east of the Newell Highway,” said Paul Pulver, LBRCA President. “However, in acknowledging this exciting reform we must not lose sight of the last mile of the Newell Highway, through Parkes, that remains the missing link for road train access on this key freight corridor.

“To truly realise the benefits of this reform, we must now focus our efforts on removing the need to divert road train combinations onto secondary roads from the Newell Highway to avoid the town centre of Parkes.”

common sense change in road train rules in NSW

LBRCA says it is now concentrating its efforts on this final piece of the Newell Highway road train access puzzle by preparing for meetings with relevant local, state and federal government authorities.

“This reform would not be possible without the determination and leadership by Transport for NSW representatives including Susie Mckay, Executive Director of Freight and Scott Greenow, Acting Director of Freight,” said Paul.

Transport for NSW has developed a range of resources and fact sheets to support industry understand and adapt to the changes to road train access in NSW. 

common sense change in road train rules in NSW