ColdCube takes refrigerated storage to a new level.

ColdCube containers provide portable and adaptive cooling and freezing for a wide variety of applications.

“The ColdCube is a self contained, multi voltage, 12 Volt, 24 Volt to as high as 240 Volt portable refrigerated container,”

What makes the ColdCube so special is their versatility. Just slide one into your existing van, ute or trailer and plug it in. No expensive van insulation or permanent refrigeration is required.

The portability of the ColdCube means it can be easily moved or transferred from one vehicle to another via its integrated handles or forklift base, all the while maintaining a consistent temperature.

• HACCP approved
• A breeze to clean and maintain
• Simple intuitive to operate
• Does the job reliably – time and again

The use of a digital compressor allows for efficient consumption of electrical power, while an integrated battery monitor protects the unit against battery failure. Users can also easily view the current temperature of the ColdCube via the visible user interface, without having to open the container. The digital readout allows operators to maintain precise temperature control.

Aside from its thermal capabilities, the ColdCube has also been constructed for optimum durability and is lightweight. Manufactured from moulded polyethylene, the ColdCube features a rotationally moulded, single piece construction – with all internal components designed and tested for use in mobile applications.

As all materials are food-grade and UV-stabilised, they are easy to clean. ColdCube is available in 3
different sizes with six door configuration options to suit various needs. Accessories include wire shelves and racks, wheels, in cab displays, tie-down kits and a forklift base.

“The “Cold Cube” by Thermo King is just perfect for our cold delivery requirements. Giving us superior chilling ability along with flexibility of being able to transfer the cube into different vehicles, we couldn’t be happier with it as a solution for our temperature sensitive deliveries,” said Mr Jeff Kettle from Hunter and Northern Logisitics

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