Close up view of the new Mack

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At the Brisbane Truck Show earlier this year many people got their first chance to get a close up view of the new Mack Anthem. However, the display was just the truck’s cabin and it was split open in order for show goers to walk through between the driver’s seat and the sleeper cab.

This was only a small taste of what the Anthem will be offering. This video gives a comprehensive idea of what the truck wil look and feel like when it is revealed to the Australian public some time next year.

Talking to many Mack fans, who have only seen the truck in photographs from the US, they are not sure about the look of the new model. However, Diesel News did get the opportunity to drive the truck in the US after its launch there, and can reassure those Mack-watchers that the truck actually looks a lot better in the metal than it does in snapshots.


close up view of the new Mack


This video is of the US version and all of its bling. We can be sure any Australian version will look considerably different and will be more more suited to the tastes of our truck buying public. The model featured in this video is a 70 inch sleeper, we are most likely to see the biggest cabin come here with a 60 inch sleeper option.


close up view of the new Mack


What this video doesn’t show is the other things going to the Anthem brings to the table for Mack. Bundled up with Anthem is a state of the art electronics package which will bring the capabilities of the Mack trucks sold in Australia bang up to date.

When it does arrive here and Australia gets its first close up view of the new Mack, the Anthem model itself will be taking the place of the current Granite models in the Mack range. However, the Anthem system will become the base for all of the other models in the Mack range. The new electronic architecture and the modular cabin components will make their way into trucks like the Titan and Superliner.


close up view of the new Mack