Close To Record Truck Sales in 2021

close to record truck sales in 2021

With the release of the latest figures from the Truck Industry Council, we can see that Australia came very close to record truck sales in 2021. The overall number of trucks sold in the calendar year, at 41,404, is just 224 short of the phenomenal record achieved in 2018.

Comparing the two years, 2018 and 2021, by segments, the results in light duty for 2021 beat the 2018 figures by 1225. However, in both medium and heavy duty the total sales in each market segment fell short of the 2018 mark.

In 2021, Isuzu, again, demonstrated its strength in Australia and, yet again, came number one in the truck sales figures by actually topping its record sales from 2018 by 148 trucks at 10175 for the the year in all segments. Several other brands set unprecedented records.

close to record truck sales in 2021

The heavy duty truck market was also dominated by its perennial leader, with Kenworth increasing market share to 21.8 per cent with 2838 heavy duty sales for the year. Again Volvo came in second, but the company’s component supply issues have clearly restricted output, seeing sales drop to 1683 from the 1740 posted in 2020, when the plant had to be closed due to Covid for a period.

There was even more good news for Paccar, with DAF selling a creditable 682 units, up from 483 last year. Other European brands also went well in 2021, with both Scania and Mercedes Benz topping 1000 sales for the year.

The medium duty market had a predictable outcome with Isuzu increasing its market share to 41.5 per cent with 3067 sales. Perennial runners up in this segment, Hino, sold more medium duty trucks in 2021 than the previous year, but saw its market share fall by over two per cent. Overall the four Japanese brands represented over 95 per cent of all truck sales in this segment.

In light duty, despite having a relatively quiet December, Isuzu again dominated sales with a lead of 2247 over ‘close’ rival Hino. This equates to a 39 per cent market share as part of the dominance of the three Japanese brands, Isuzu, Hino and Fuso, which represents 81.4 per cent of overall sales in the light duty segment.

close to record truck sales in 2021

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