Close Contact is Required

close contact is required

The last two years have seen very few opportunities for the trucking industry and those dealing with the industry to get together with some close person to person communication, and this is an industry where close contact is required, an industry whose culture is based on a series of personal contacts.

Of course, there are now large corporate organisations involved in trucking, but the majority of people involved in trucking base a lot of their business on personal connections made over the years, with an important ingredient, the kind of trust relationship which many trucking businesses have developed over time.

We are a big business community, but one with a basic culture which comes straight out of a small business mentality. Major players in the sector grew out of small family operations, living from hand to mouth at the beginning, but getting smarter and bigger, growing with the overall industry.

It still surprises me how many quite large operations still have many contracts based purely upon a discussion ending in a handshake. That’s it. Operations are running millions of dollars of rolling stock and building major facilities without a watertight contract to base the investment on.

During the pandemic the fact that meetings went online, and there was minimal person-to-person contact happening anywhere, meant that new close relationships were much more difficult to engender.

Next week’s Australian Trucking Association conference, Trucking Australia 2022 (last chance for tickets today!), is going to be the first major event for the industry to meet up and chew the fat, shout the beers and press the flesh. This event is going to be followed by a full program of events for the rest of the year, as the industry gradually returns to some sort of semblance of normality. 

It will be great to see all of the close personal ties, which have developed over the years, being reaffirmed and new relationships start to develop.

If I have any concern about the event it is that it is just going to be a catch up for everyone. There may be more interest in chatting to friends and acquaintances than in politicians’ speeches during an election campaign.

It could be that the main takeaways from the event will be coming from the chats and discussions in the areas around the conference, rather that the presentations from the dais. At the end of the day, we are all social animals and it’s always good to chat.

close contact is required

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