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For Muscat Trailers, the forging of a strong relationship with North American trailer manufacturer, E. D. Etnyre, means instant access to proven technology and ability

When two strong companies join forces the result can be awesome, and, for customers of Muscat Trailers, the company association with E. D. Etnyre has resulted in an expansion of product offering with proven ability from day one.

Earlier this year Muscat Trailers of Narellan, NSW, became the official Australian distributor for the Etnyre range and has moved quickly to introduce the features and benefits of the live-bottom discharge concept to the Australian market.

Muscat Trailers has over 42 years history of providing a wide range of trailer and bodywork alternatives, offering designs that include truck and dog trailers, side and end-over tippers, bottom dump, platform tippers, converter dolly, B-double and road train applications.

The Etnyre Company was founded by Edward Etnyre in 1898, at which time it developed products such as the horse-drawn water sprinkler, the first road oiler, a street flusher and the first bitumen distributor. Today Etnyre is one of North America’s leading specialists in the supply of bitumen tankers and asphalt distribution equipment.Muscat-Trailers_1

TrailerTorque recently visited the home of Muscat Trailers and discussed the company’s association with Etnyre and its reception in the Australian market.

“We have always been a company that has brought innovation to the trailer market,” said Muscat’s sales manager, Troy Azzopardi.

“We were the first in NSW to design and build the B-double, the bat wing trailer and side tipper trailer, along with other cost-saving road freight haulage solutions.

“Today the company employs over 30 personnel and can boast a history of truck and trailer bodybuilding that encompasses over 3,000 individual units. We have an impressive customer base that includes Scott Corporation (including BulkTrans & Chemtrans), Giacci Bros. WA (Qube), Daracon Engineering, TRN Group, Toll Mining, Whitehead group, Milross Group and Mulgoa Quarries.

“Taking on the distributorship of Etnyre trailers increases our product offering with designs like the Etnyre Falcon live-bottom rear-discharge trailer.

“Designed to carry aggregate, coal, asphalt, sand, gravel, hot mix asphalt, recycled materials, salt, low slump concrete and other products, the 42-inch wide belt discharge system provides superior load distribution and high levels of safety in all terrain application where end-over tippers experience difficulties,” added Troy.

Muscat-Trailers_4Manufacturing of the Falcon live-bottom trailer is completed by Etnyre at its factory in Oregon, Illinois. The trailer is fully built in the US, painted in the appropriate colours of the Australian client and then loaded for shipment into a standard 40-ft ISO container. On arrival in Australia, Muscat adds the suspension and running gear, rear marker lights and tyres. Muscat Trailers also maintains Etnyre units in stock, making their completion to suit a unique customer order available in a matter of weeks.

“Our engineers obviously worked closely with those of Etnyre in customising the design to suit Australian conditions, such as the requirement to move controls to the opposite side of the vehicle to suit right-hand-drive operations,” said Troy.

“All the suspension and brake assemblies and other components such as mudguards and mudflaps are obtained through Australian distributors or manufacturers. The only items we send to the American factory are actually Hella LED lights for use in the build,” he added.

Having already sold 12 trailers into the Australian market in this year alone, operators can expect full local product support from both the manufacturer and component suppliers.

With Hella LED lighting, the axle choice includes Hendrickson INTRAAX with drum or disc brakes, Wabco EBS and ABS systems through Air Brake Systems, or the alternative of load-proportional valves for those companies preferring not to adopt EBS systems due to their specific application.

Cross members are constructed from 10 mm gauge steel, with 10 mm gauge x 406 mm depth frames and 10 mm gauge “J” channel side stiffeners. The live-bottom belt drive is driven through a double reduction 32:1 ratio, planetary gearbox hydraulically via a truck-mounted PTO. The rear barn-type doors are opened and closed by air-operated actuators.Muscat-Trailers_2

Boasting a capacity of 21 cubic metres, the abrasion resistant steel AR400 sidewalls are covered in smooth aluminium to act as an insulation medium for when the trailer is used in carrying and discharging hot bitumen.

One of the most recent deliveries of an Etnyre Falcon live-bottom rear-discharge trailer was to Appin-based Juts Haulage. In this 24/7 work application the immediate appeal of the Falcon design was its increased versatility when dealing with different materials.

The specification for Juts Haulage includes load-proportional valves, JOST two-speed Modul 400 Series landing legs and 50 mm kingpin, Hankook Tyres in 11R22.5 sizing, Hendrickson INTRAAX 10-stud, 285 mm PCD with central drum, and alloy pre-set hubs with auto slack adjusters. Mud flaps fitted to a hinge mechanism enable them to be moved out of the way when backed up to a paver.

As part of the Hendrickson INTRAAX AT200 installation, the lead axle of the tri-axle features an auto-lift and lower capability when running unladen or laden. With a tare weight of 7300 kg, the cubic capacity of the trailer is 21.1 cubic metres. The electrically operated and waterproof roll back tarping system was supplied by locally based X-TARP.

Adjustment of the chain-operated belt system is completed by an independent tensioning mechanism, and the chain guidance system features eight steel pintle chains rated at 5600 kg using ultra-high molecular polyethylene to reduce wear and friction.

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