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Chinese gas powered gliders

Now here’s an interesting concept! This company is going to import engineless Chinese trucks made by Foton, partner to Daimler in China, into the US before fitting them with a Cummins ISX12 G, powered by liquefied natural gas or compressed natural gas engines, as well as Eaton Ultrashift AMTs.




The Alkane Truck Company is an all new start up company based in South Carolina who seem to be making a massive call on the quality of truck build coming out of China, what US truck buyers will buy and how popular LNG and CNG will become.


The company claims it has 120 dealers willing to set up sales outlets and come across in this video as having global ambitions. There is a growing interest in gas powered trucks on the US market, as emission incentives do make the technology more viable than it is in Australia, where zero government subsidy is available for alternative fuels.


The suspicion Alkane may have bitten off more than they can chew is increased when it is revealed the trucks will have to have all of their glass and lights replaced as part of the importation process, as the Chinese fitments do not meet US specifications. The snake oil salesman in the video doesn’t help either!

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