Changing Brake Rotors Made Easy

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It’s one of those jobs which can be back breaking, but a display Diesel News came across at the Brisbane Truck Show demonstrated changing brake rotors made easy. The demo model on show made it clear removing hubs and rotors can be made easy with a specialised piece of equipment anyone can use.

In a world where workplace health and safety is becoming ever more important and in an industry where a labour shortage is driving further diversification in people working on the floor in workshops, equipment like this are going to become more and more in demand. This system both improves efficiency and also enables a person of any size to be able to handle a heavy task.

The BrakeMate system uses an air over hydraulics system to remove the heavy, hard to shift, components from the vehicle. Those same hydraulics can then be used to separate hub and rotor. The equipment also includes a gadget for removing the calliper before removal. Using air over hydraulics, the system virtually eliminates the physical effort involved in an often difficult job. 

Workshops using the system already are reporting a time saving of 50 per cent as well as the reduced risk of injury and the fact any workshop technician can handle the task. Each stage of the process has been catered for with specific equipment included for each stage in the process, including swapping the discs out.

The system is designed and manufactured in Melbourne. It is being manufactured and distributed by Tulip Corporation under license from the original inventor.




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