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Changes to the NHVAS

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National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Scheme inspection requirements have now been standardised, according to the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator. The system has been reconfigured, with the requirements for adding vehicles to an operator’s NHVAS Maintenance Management accreditation now the same in all participating states.


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Under the rules, to have vehicles added to their Maintenance Management accreditation, operators must supply the following documentation:


Newly manufactured vehicles – Evidence of first registration as a new vehicle within the last 12 months.


Vehicles currently registered – Heavy Vehicle Inspection Report issued by a road transport authority in the last 12 months.


Vehicles moving from one operator’s Maintenance Management accreditation to another operator’s Maintenance Management accreditation – Contact the NHVR for specific requirements


The NHVR points out only vehicles holding current registration can be nominated for maintenance management.
There have also been changes made to NHVAS business rules, after the NHVR undertook the review of the NHVAS as part of the National Heavy Vehicle Roadworthiness Program, a joint initiative with the National Transport Commission (NTC).


In November 2014, Australia’s transport ministers approved changes to the auditing provisions of the existing NHVAS Standards and Business Rules to strengthen the quality of audits and enhance the standing of auditors.


A number of changes will take effect from March 1 2015, with other changes being introduced progressively over 2015-2016. A transitional period to 1 July 2016 will apply for existing auditors to meet the new criteria for registration as an auditor with the NHVR.


The trucking industry can have your say on further options to improve the NHVAS through a submission on the Regulatory Impact Statement (RIS) to be released by the NTC shortly. The RIS will soon be available on the NHVR and NTC websites.

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