Celebrating 40 years 

Celebrating 40 years 

When Australia II was crossing the finish line in the America’s Cup in 1983 for a historic win, the roller doors at Powerdown were opening for the first time. From these humble beginnings, 2023 sees Powerdown celebrate its 40 year Anniversary.


Founded in 1983 as part of a heavy vehicle wheel alignment business Newcastle Truck and Bus, Powerdown started as an importer of shock absorbers from North America and Europe. It quickly became apparent though these shock absorbers worked well on concrete highways and autobahns, they were not up to the rigours of Australian roads and hot climatic conditions. This requirement lead Powerdown down the path to design and development shock absorbers specifically for our roads, our loads and our conditions.

Celebrating 40 years 

Brisbane Truck Show 2023

From the early years at the RNA Show Grounds to the current location at the Convention Centre, Powerdown has been a proud exhibitor at the Brisbane Truck Show for the past 30 years. As Australia’s premier trucking event, Powerdown will be show casing the Enveero Supershock range. This exciting new product not only brings the green future closer but delivers big on comfort and ride performance. With a superior flash point of 210 degrees C, the Enveero Supershock is designed to maintain control in the harshest of environments. Powerdown Supershocks with Enveero inside are currently available for Kenworth, BPW, Hendrickson, Neway, ROR and York applications.

Celebrating 40 years 

Powerdown will also be showcasing other innovations at the Truck show including the exclusive ride height indicator. In an industry first Powerdown has released a select range of shock absorbers with a recommended ride height indicator. The indicator is strategically placed on the body of the shock absorber to indicate shock absorber stroke relative to vehicle ride height. Ask the experienced the Powerdown team how a change in ride height can affect the life of your shock absorbers and equipment. 

To celebrate Powerdown’s 40th anniversary the That’s Gold promotion will be launched at the Brisbane Truck Show. Between June 2023 and January 2024 ten lucky customers will win a $500 gift cards each when they find a shock absorber with the golden 40-year anniversary sticker. To find out more about the promotion and to see Powerdown’s latest innovations visit stand no. 116 at the Brisbane Truck Show from 18th to 23rd May 2023. Our friendly staff look forward to seeing you to answer any of your questions.


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