quick thinking truckie who minimises damage

Quick Thinking Truckie Who Minimises Damage

Here is some great footage of a quick thinking truckie who minimises damage as his rear trailer goes up in flames. His swift action certainly saved this servo and shows the side of the trucking industry which rarely gets a mention on the general media, especially the free-to-air commercial channels. Read more

first fuel cell trucks shipped

First Fuel Cell Trucks Shipped

This week has seen the first fuel cell trucks shipped from South Korea to Switzerland by Hyundai. This is the first 10 units of the Hyundai Xcient Fuel Cell, which Hyundai claim is the world’s first mass-produced fuel cell heavy-duty truck. Read more

electric truck which still goes hard

Electric Truck Which Still Goes Hard

The Hyliion Hypertruck ERX has been launched and gone on sale with plenty of hype around the fact that it is an electric truck which still goes hard. This video includes smoking tyres and acceleration statistics to show that this is not a soft and easy going truck, but a real truck which can be exciting to drive. Read more

mirrorcam on the road

Mirrorcam on the Road

This video, from the UK explains some of the aspects the new Mirrorcam system can achieve, it explains how to use mirrorcam on the road. Mercedes-Benz has just introduced the new Actros, the first truck available in Australia with cameras instead of side mirrors. It is the first road-registered vehicle of any kind in the country with MirrorCam, which is both a fuel-saving measure and vision-improving safety feature. No cars available in Australia feature this technology as yet. Read more

getting the safety message out there

Getting the Safety Message Out There

Using the side curtains of a truck are a very good way of getting the safety message out there. It’s the size of a big billboard and its travelling on  the road, where the message it can get the idea across. Read more

monitoring fatigue and distraction

Fatigue Management Without Maths

Is this something you have thought about in the past, the need for fatigue management without maths? This is a simple solution to an aspect of truck driving quite a few people have a problem with. Read more

getting started driving trucks at a young age

Getting Started Driving Trucks at a Young Age


Many people working in the trucking industry today will tell you stories about getting started driving trucks at a young age. If you are used to handling large machines and getting them from A to B as a child, the whole taking a truck out on the highway scenario becomes a natural progression. Read more

Going Back to the Good Old Days

If you are thinking that going back to the old days is a good idea, just watch this great video from 1957. This is an ABC TV show from 1957 which has re-emerged as part of the ABC News RetroFocus series on its Facebook page. Read more

reach out and help a truckie

Reach Out and Help a Truckie

While trucking industry workers face many challenges as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, it’s important to remember that help is available, if you can reach out and help a truckie.  Read more

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