any idiot can drive a truck

Any Idiot Can Drive a Truck

This video probably tells a lot about the public perception of trucks and trucking and may suggest that any idiot can drive a truck. In fact, there is no doubt these driver are appearing to act like idiots, whether they are or not is for you to decide. Read more

when will axles be electric?

When Will Axles Be Electric?

Truck development is moving forward fast and it looks as if the trucks of the future will use electric power to transmit energy into the drive train, it’s just a matter of time, so when will axles be electric?  Read more

looking for green fridges

Looking for Green Fridges

The drive towards looking for zero emissions solution to help combat climate change takes many forms and in South Africa there is an initiative looking for green fridges for trucks and trailers transporting chilled and frozen goods.  Read more

a rollover can happen so easily

A Rollover Can Happen So Easily

It is the nightmare for any truck driver out on the highway, you never quite know when it is going to happen, but a rollover can happen so easily. A driver can go along the same piece of road every day for years with no problems and then, one day, bang, the trailer topples over in the mirror.

Read more

What is Hino’s Project Z?

This week in the USA, a new project was unveiled, but what is Hino’s Project Z? The US arm of Hino Trucks announced its development path to zero emissions vehicles (ZEV), including a system sourced from Australia, from SEA Electric, a Melbourne based electric truck maker.  Read more

the new Western Star is coming here

The New Western Star is Coming Here

After its release in the USA this week,Penske Australia and New Zealand has announced that the new Western Star is coming here in late 2022 or early 2023. The new platform for the brand, the 49X was launched in a series of virtual presentations showcasing the development of a Western Star, which picks up all of the latest design and state-of-the-art technology from the global Daimler platform. Read more

how does a hydrogen fuel cell truck work?

How Does a Hydrogen Fuel Cell Truck Work?

After a series of futuristic fuel cell truck launches, the latest launch from Daimler trucks answers a few more questions about exactly how does a hydrogen fuel cell truck work? The launch of the GenH2 truck by the global group coincides with a lot of gossip on business news channels in the US about claims made by fuel cell truck innovator, Nikola. Read more

Ask the bloody question, R U OK?

Today is the day when we have to remind everyone, especially in these tough times, to ask the bloody question, R U OK? September 10 is the day to make sure you keep a keen eye out for any signs of stress taking its toll on those working around you. Read more

is it just more hydrogen hype?

Is it Just More Hydrogen Hype?

Is there a new zero emission truck fuel waiting in the wings or is it just more hydrogen hype? At the moment it is difficult to work out exactly where we are at in the development of hydrogen as a realistic substitute for diesel in the long term. Read more