electric trucks outside the box

Electric Trucks Outside the Box

To enable a future transition to electric it is vital that we look beyond existing truck architecture and come up with new concepts by starting to think about electric trucks outside the box. Read more

Some trucking highlights from Tik Tok

The trucking industry is no different to the rest of the world and has embraced the platform to tell their stories, with some trucking highlights from Tik Tok.

getting young people into the industry

getting young people into the industry

Getting Young People Into the Industry

It has to become a major priority for trucks and trucking, getting young people into the industry. This video shows smart young people finding something which involves working with trucks, which they are proud to talk about. Read more

When Will the New DAF Models Arrive in Australia?

When Will the New DAF Models Arrive in Australia?

This may not be a question which will be front of mind for many truck buyers, but when will the new DAF models arrive in Australia? In recent years, it has taken a long time for European, and some American, brands to introduce the latest technology and design on the trucks they sell in Australia. Read more

proof that cars cause accidents

Proof That Cars Cause Accidents

Here we have yet another video showing us what we already knew, proof that cars cause accidents between trucks and cars, most of the time. This dash cam footage is almost unexplainable, as the car decides to try and get in between the truck and its dog trailer. Read more

completely new big cabin DAF range is launched

Completely New Big Cabin DAF Range is Launched

The new XF, XG and XG+ are the models being unveiled as the completely new big cabin DAF range is launched. The new trucks are claimed to offer a 10 per cent improved fuel efficiency, a full suite of passive and active safety features and the next level of luxury in truck design. The New Generation DAF begins production for the European market in October. Read more

taking the heavy Japanese truck segment to a new level

Taking the Heavy Japanese Truck Segment to a New Level

The release of the new Hino 700 heavy duty truck this week sees the brand taking the heavy Japanese truck segment to a new level. Despite the new shape looking more like a modernising and updating of the previous generations of 700s, this truck is all new. Only the chassis rails and the engine block are the same as the previous 700 models. Read more

Brisbane Truck Show 2021

Brisbane Truck Show 2021

Today’s the day when trucking people from around Australia can finally get together at Brisbane Truck Show 2021, as the event kicks off in the Brisbane Convention Centre. Luckily, all of the borders remain open, despite a few scares in the last couple of weeks. There are even some visitors from New Zealand at the event. Read more

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