will there be singing trucks?

Will There Be Singing Trucks?

After watching this video of an electric van delivering for Amazon in the US, the question has to be, will there be singing trucks? The vehicles function so quietly, they will have to make some sort of sound to warn others of their approach, so why not have them produce something musical? Read more

highly anticipated Anthem arrival

Highly Anticipated Anthem Arrival

Well, it has finally happened for Mack in Australia, this week has seen the highly anticipated Anthem arrival with a virtual launch online. The YouTube introduction gave us the basics with, more information, and test drives, scheduled to roll out into the future. Read more

how long will diesel dominate?

How Long Will Diesel Dominate?

This video is part of a groundswell of media material which has grown in the last year or so, talking about the hopes and plans for using hydrogen as a fuel, something the trucking industry needs to be aware of, because we need to know how long will diesel dominate? How fast will the use of hydrogen ramp up?  Read more

what is it about trucking culture?

What is it About Trucking Culture?

It is clearly a global phenomenon, as demonstrated by this video, but what is it about trucking culture? Would you see a funeral like this one in Sweden associated with any other profession than truck driving? Read more

as if we didn't have enough to worry about

As If We Didn’t Have Enough To Worry About

2020 has been a crazy year and the trucking industry has had to work hard and adapt to one crisis after another, so, now, as if we didn’t have enough to worry about, we have the weather creating issues. The impending La Niña weather system is upon us and going to cause more problems. Read more

International Truck of the Year announced

International Truck of the Year Announced

At a virtual ceremony that took place in Munich, Germany, involving commercial vehicle editors and senior journalists, representing 24 major trucking magazines, attendees saw the International Truck of the Year announced. At MAN’s headquarters, the MAN new TGX range has been elected International Truck of the Year 2021 by the IToY jury. Read more

the new International truck

The New International Truck

The launch of the completely overhauled HX Series means the new International truck is brought up to date to compete with its rivals in the US market. Unfortunately for us in Australia, the decision to make this a left hand drive model range only, clearly made back in 2016, means we are not going to see this model from the iconic brand on our roads. Read more

what is the problem with trucks?

What is the Problem With Trucks?

The question Diesel would like to ask of Channel Nine is, what is the problem with trucks? The answer, if it was honest, would be that bagging trucks and trucking, especially when the emphasis is on very big trucks on city roads, is good for ratings. Read more

any idiot can drive a truck

Any Idiot Can Drive a Truck

This video probably tells a lot about the public perception of trucks and trucking and may suggest that any idiot can drive a truck. In fact, there is no doubt these driver are appearing to act like idiots, whether they are or not is for you to decide. Read more