MAN Big Banger Arrives in Australia

It’s been a long time coming, but at a recent presentation at Penske HQ in Queensland the MAN big banger arrives in Australia. The new truck is fitted with the D38 engine rated at 640 hp, a major step above the previous top power in a TGX, at 560 hp. 

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V8 Supercar Drivers Take the Iveco Daily 4×4 to its Limits

Here we have a video where a pair of V8 Supercar drivers take the Iveco Daily 4×4 to its limits in a quarry. The two drivers from the Red Bull Holden Racing Team, Jamie Whincup and Shane Van Gisbergen put the latest 4×4 from Iveco Daily range through some hard and fast ‘flat stick’ driving to show just what it can do. Read more

Truck Driver of the Year

The awarding of the Truck Driver of the Year honour to, Boral driver, Barry Fitzgerald sees another responsible, safe, hard working, productive and professional truck driver get an accolade for all of those years of hard work and going above and beyond just getting the job done. He was presented with his award at the recent Trucking Australia 2018 in Canberra.

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Do Electric Trucks Make Sense?

The question on the lips of many in the trucking industry is do electric trucks make sense? The answer, this year, is probably no, but what about next year? Or the year after that, the world of electric power is changing fast and we are at a tipping point, where they may start to make sense. Read more

Why Do Tyres Blow Out?

Looking for the answer too the question, why do tyres blow out? Well this survey, admittedly carried out in the UK, but still relevant to the Australian experience to a certain extent, can hint at the answers. Most of the time the tyres are under-inflated for one reason or another. They are either low on air because something has penetrated the tyre and air is leaking, or the tyre is simply under-inflated from poor tyre maintenance. There are other reasons for blow outs, these are overshadowed by the two above.
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Smarter Drivelines

The trucking world now has a wide range of smarter drivelines available in a wide range of trucks on the Australian market. We are used to the Europeans coming up with cutting edge electronics and offering the latest and greatest. Read more

A Trailer Like No Other

This very interesting video shows genuinely shows us a trailer like no other. A number of these units have been designed and built by Ken Pitt, All Size Equipment Transport (ASET) Managing Director, and can be seeing plying their trade out the ASET base in South Australia.

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How Semi-Autonomous Truck Platooning Works

Many people are not quite clear about how semi-autonomous truck platooning works? Here we have a simple video running through the basics. A lot of the technology being used here is common on new trucks in the market today. The smarts are in the way all of the data is integrated into one stream for the platooning controller to function and communicate that control down the line all of the other trucks simultaneously.

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