another lost art of trucking

Another Lost Art of Trucking

The ability to tie a load down with a few lengths of rope is another lost art of trucking. Truckies of a certain age will be familiar with this technique and have a set of skills which make it possible to hold anything down on a flat top. Of course once you get above a certain mass, the dog and chain would come into its own, but that’s another can of worms to open later.

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trucking in the UK

Trucking in the UK

In this video we have a snapshot of trucking in the UK, brought to us by the tireless Australian trucking campaigner, Rod Hannifey. Rod has just returned from a recent trip to the UK and the USA as a result of receiving the Churchill Fellowship funding to make the fast finding trip to check out the issues and possible solutions to common problems across the trucking industry.

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truck drivers are people too

Truck Drivers are People Too

There is a problem with the public perception of truck drivers in Australia, but people need to be aware truck drivers are people too. This Re:act campaign developed by Hard Edge in collaboration with Swinburne University of Technology gave design students a creative brief that challenged them to raise awareness of a road safety issue and change behaviour among their age group.

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driving the new Ford prime mover

Driving the New Ford Prime Mover

Here we have a video about driving the new Ford prime mover, made in Turkey and aimed at taking on the European truck market. The Ford truck brand survives in Turkey, owned by the Ford Otosan company, based in Istanbul. 

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what's next for Cummins

What’s Next For Cummins

This is a video about what’s next for Cummins, put out as part of the engine makers presentations at the IAA truck show in Hannover last week. It gives us an idea of the way they are thinking and where they see engine development going into the next decade.

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Electric Acco on the road

Electric Acco On The Road

After being shown at an expo next week, there will be an example of Iveco’s Electric Acco on the road. The new truck will be an Australian-first, an operational Iveco Acco waste truck, not powered by traditional diesel but by battery electric power.

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robo delivery concept

Robo Delivery Concept

Renault brings its robo delivery concept to life with Renault EZ-PRO, an autonomous delivery design featuring shared customisable robo-pods, which use a field-based human ‘concierge’ for special deliveries and driverless robo-pod fleet management.

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next step in the evolution of trucks

Next Step in the Evolution of Trucks

It looks like Mercedes Benz have taken the next step in the evolution of trucks with the release of the new Actros in Europe. The new model is fitted with every piece of modern technology known, with a few surprises added in to boot.

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backbone of the trucking industry

Backbone of the Trucking Industry

Last weekend saw the NatRoad Conference take place, an event where the backbone of the trucking industry get to have their say and communicate directly with the powers that be about the world of trucking. This video is one of those which were shown between sessions and illustrates the kind of membership NatRoad attracts.

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autonomous truck driving now

Autonomous Truck Driving Now

With all of the amazing technological developments in the past few years it is possible to say we have autonomous truck driving now. All of this technology is in trucks being sold on the highways of Europe, of course, but a lot of that functionality is accessible to trucks being sold on the Australian truck market today.

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