Australian truck industry is back in Brisbane

Australian Truck Industry is Back in Brisbane

Every two years the Australian truck industry is back in Brisbane for the biennial truck show at the city’s convention centre. This year has seen a wide range of trucks, old friends and plenty of interesting developments.

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an even bigger cab from Volvo

An Even Bigger Cab from Volvo

After a number of announcements in the lead up to the Brisbane Truck Show about new bigger cabs being released, there’s now an even bigger cab from Volvo. The new XXL cabin has been unveiled to selected customers in advance of its appearance in Brisbane next week.

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female truckies don’t steal fuel

Female Truckies Don’t Steal Fuel

This fuel distribution business found that by taking a group of women and training them properly to be professional truck drivers, female truckies don’t steal fuel. In an industry where theft was rife, Ladybird Logistics recruited only women and trained them to become drivers. 

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magic steering button

Magic Steering Button

Here’s one out of left field from the UK, the magic steering button on an eight-legger MAN tipper. This kind of steering is familiar to the drivers of agricultural gear or a skid steer, but on a truck?

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top ten tips

Top Ten Tips

This is a great idea, well executed, presenting the top ten tips, for people driving around trucks to be aware of. The top ten list comes from a survey conducted by Rod Hannifey, the perennial trucking advocate.

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do the research

Do the Research

The reception the latest truck accident figures received last week in the media is a timely reminder of how important it is to do the research and then use that research wisely in getting behaviour or policy change. 

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men who sleep in trucks

Men Who Sleep In Trucks

Here is a very interesting short documentary talking to men who sleep in trucks and diving deep into the psychology around truck driving. It is about truckies in the UK, but if you were to do the same kind of exercise here in Australia the results would be very similar.

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a bigger B-triple

A Bigger B-triple

At the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator PBS demonstration event in Portland this week a new groundbreaking combination hits the streets, it’s a bigger B-triple, a lot bigger at 42 metres long and with a GCM of 82.5 tonnes. The much increased length means this combination suits high cube loading and will be going into service with Direct Freight Express as soon as the demo day is over.

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the electric truck myth

The Electric Truck Myth

It is very difficult to judge how soon the electric truck myth will become a reality. When it does we can be sure it will change the trucking world completely, but it may take some time here in Australia.

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