18 Speed Roadranger versus Ultrashift Plus

18 Speed Roadranger Versus Ultrashift Plus

If you want a heated discussion, then one of the subjects which will provoke the most heat would be comparing two products from the USA, the 18 Speed Roadranger versus Ultrashift Plus. The two sides to this story represent two strong ways of thinking about the trucking industry. Read more

a safety solution waiting, waiting and waiting

A Safety Solution Waiting, Waiting and Waiting

Here we see a supreme example of a safety solution waiting, waiting and waiting to get adopted, but the wheels of progress grind exceedingly slow. This video was made back in 2016, but this is still the only working example of such a system in Australia.  Read more

the big boys get involved in electric trucks

The Big Boys Get Involved in Electric Trucks

The recently announced collaboration between Samsung and Volvo Trucks see the big boys get involved in electric trucks technology. This move adds to the momentum of the development of electric trucks and suggests they will be with us sooner than you think. Read more

using variable torque to save fuel

Using Variable Torque to Save Fuel

The latest global release from Volvo sees the Swedish truck maker using variable torque to save fuel. Volvo says it is introducing new functions that help drivers save fuel even when cruise control is not activated. The company claims the launch of upgraded D13 diesel engines, together with the new software, enables fuel savings of up to three per cent.  Read more

first test drive of the S-Way

First Test Drive of the S-Way

Hot off the presses comes the first test drive of the S-Way from Diesel News’ European Correspondent, Will Shiers. He takes the new truck around the test track in Madrid in the wake of the new truck range’s global launch in the Spanish capital last week. Read more

changing brake rotors made easy

Changing Brake Rotors Made Easy

It’s one of those jobs which can be back breaking, but a display Diesel News came across at the Brisbane Truck Show demonstrated changing brake rotors made easy. The demo model on show made it clear removing hubs and rotors can be made easy with a specialised piece of equipment anyone can use. Read more

it's a question of space

It’s a Question of Space

When it comes to car drivers, and their behaviour around trucks it’s a question of space, as it is demonstrated in this new video from the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator. It’s a simple message, the car driver just has to understand the need to give a truck space in which to manoeuvre in traffic situations.

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robot trucks are here

Robot Trucks Are Here

There’s no doubt about it, it’s true, robot trucks are here. Every few weeks another task is being handled by an autonomous truck in one of the many demonstration projects which are being used as a proof-of-concept for autonomous trucks.

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zero emission combustion engine

Zero Emission Combustion Engine

At a Low Carbon Vehicle event in the UK, our presenters test drive a truck using diesel and hydrogen to power the engine, only one step from a zero emission combustion engine. The developers hope to get one on the road soon, which is fitted with a converted diesel engine using 100 per cent hydrogen for power.

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trucks will pay to improve car commuting times

Trucks Will Pay to Improve Car Commuting Times

Here is yet another example of the way the trucking industry is treated by the powers that be, on the Logan Motorway trucks will pay to improve car commuting times. This is a good news story, for car drivers and the presenter tells us about all of the improvements in traffic conditions, only to finish off the story by telling us truck tolls will increase to pay for the road improvement. 

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