a simple message well said

A Simple Message Well Said

There is nothing more effective when trying to get a complicated idea across than a simple message well said and that is what this set of videos from Healthy Heads in Trucks and Sheds (HHTS)gets across. Read more

trucking surviving covid-19

Trucking Surviving Covid-19

The last twenty-plus months have been a nightmare for the entire globe, but our industry has been one of those essential services which has kept Australia going through the pandemic, now we need to think about trucking surviving covid-19. Read more

getting trucks bogged

Getting Trucks Bogged

It’s official, we are now heading in to a La Niña weather event and can expect plenty of rain for the next period of time, which means there’s going to be a lot of people getting trucks bogged.  Read more

Truck Innovation of the Year

Truck Innovation of the Year

DAF’s XF Hydrogen, a prototype of a hydrogen-fuelled heavy-duty truck with an internal combustion engine has won the 2022 Truck Innovation of the Year. Read more

dealing with Covid in rural trucking

Dealing with Covid in Rural Trucking

Here’s a rare thing, a TV report about the trucking industry which is not negative about our industry, and outlines the issues around dealing with Covid in rural trucking. This Sky News Business Reporter, Ed Boyd, actually gets out there and talks to those involved in the industry with genuine knowledge about what’s going on in the the current climate. Read more

award winning truck show

Award Winning Truck Show

In the middle of this pandemic, people from all over Australia got the chance to enjoy this year’s Brisbane Truck Show, and now the event is an award winning truck show. BTS21 has been announced as Best Live or Hybrid Congress, Conference or Exhibition at the Australian Event Awards. Read more

trucks of the future

Trucks of the Future

It very rare we get a chance to talk to those people at the very top of the truck manufacturing game, but when we do we can see just where the trucks of the future are going to go. This time it’s a chance for the President of the International Truck of the Year Jury, Gianenrico Griffini to intgerview Andreas Tostmann ,CEO of MAN. Read more

electric trucks are inevitable

Electric Trucks are Inevitable 

There is no need to keep your head in the sand, the fact of the matter is electric trucks are inevitable, around the world, and here in Australia. If they are inevitably going to become part of our lives then we need to understand them and work out how they can be used in the future Australian trucking industry. Read more

trucks vs caravans

Trucks vs Caravans

It’s that time of year again, as the Australian grey nomad migration begins it’s move from the North of the country towards the South, as it warms up through spring, bringing with it the the issues around trucks vs caravans, yet again. Read more