a new Star in North America

A New Star in North America

With the release of the all-new 57X, there’s a new Star in North America, as Daimler’s Western Star brand introduces it’s latest long distance prime mover, with all of the latest safety technology included in the design. Read more

not too close!

Not Too Close!

It’s a message that the trucking industry and the safety authorities have to keep on banging on about, we share the road with cars close by, but not too close! Read more

automatic trailer couplings?

Automatic Trailer Couplings?

Another week, and it’s another new gadget for the trucking industry, but will Australia ever use automatic trailer couplings? This video sees our colleagues at Commercial Motor in the UK have a look at the latest release from Jost in this space. Read more

Volvo/Daimler fuel cell testing

Volvo/Daimler Fuel Cell Testing

Volvo is showcasing its new zero-emissions truck which uses a Volvo/Daimler fuel cell testing its feasibility for long distance road transport. The fuel cell has been developed by Cellcentric, the joint venture between the Volvo Group and Daimler Truck.  Read more

more detail on the Kenworth K220

More Detail on The Kenworth K220

The truck has been launched and is due to start touring Australia as part of the launch program, but the trucking industry is already looking for more detail on the Kenworth K220. Read more

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