Western Star 47X joins the new X-Series range

Western Star 47X Joins the New X-Series Range

As the Western Star 47X joins the new X-Series range, both last year’s 49X and the new 47X from Western Star are headed for Australia in right-hand-drive in around a year, reckons PowerTorque’s US Correspondent, Steve Sturgess. He has been checking the new models out. Read more

the new Western Star 49X

The New Western Star 49X

Virtual press events get the word out, sort of, except, unless you watch out for them, they don’t, case in point: the new Western Star 49X, you shoulda been there. PowerTorque’s US Correspondent, Steve Sturgess, was there when the new truck was released in the US, but there has been no word on its possible introduction in Australia, as yet. Read more

Detroit Assurance 5.0 is part of the package

Detroit Assurance 5.0 is Part of the Package

The release of the Western Star 49X in the US sees the brand bring all of the latest technology from the Daimler group into the design of this one truck, for example, Detroit Assurance 5.0 is part of the package. Read more

a new Star rising

A New Star Rising

With the announcement of a new set of models from Western Star, Diesel looks at the X-factor which is now part of a new Star rising. Read more

a trend across the trucking industry

A Trend Across the Trucking Industry

If anything, the introduction of the Western Star 5800FE is an indication of a trend across the trucking industry. Truck operators are, finally, starting to really care about fuel consumption and will buy trucks accordingly. In the past some were fuel oriented and others paid lip service to lower fuel use, without wanting to compromise on truck styling and driver acceptance.

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a much smoother Star

A Much Smoother Star

The Western Star 5800 doesn’t quite fit with the narrative, this is a much smoother Star with a good aerodynamic shape and modern styling. Normally, the Western Star brand is well known for its rugged no nonsense truck styling with traditional radiator, air cleaners and stacks, plus plenty of bling. 

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conventional contenders

Conventional Contenders

The short BBC conventional B-double prime mover market is dominated by Kenworth, especially with the T610 arriving, but there are other conventional contenders in this segment. Diesel looks at two of these, the International ProStar and the Western Star 5800FE, to see what they have to offer.

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