Isuzu and Kenworth are still on top

Isuzu and Kenworth are Still On Top

After a year when there were signs of some changes in the Australian truck market, 2019 ended with the situation where Isuzu and Kenworth are still on top of the rankings. Isuzu came through with 22.7 per cent of all trucks sold in the year, while Kenworth still predominate with 18.5 per cent of heavy duty truck sales, in the Truck Industry Council sales results for 2019. Read more

Isuzu taking over UD Trucks

Isuzu Taking Over UD Trucks

A non-binding Memorandum of Understanding between Volvo Group and Isuzu Motors has been signed to pave the way towards Isuzu taking over UD Trucks. According to a statement released the idea is ‘to form a strategic alliance within commercial vehicles in order to capture the opportunities in the ongoing transformation of the industry’.
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how much room is there in the new XXL?

How Much Room is There in the New XXL?

As a cabin in which to live, how much room is there in the new XXL? On the rercent test of the truck by Diesel News, this new model from Volvo does feel quite roomy. The overhead lockers are the same size as those which would be fitted in the standard sized cabin. However, the increased length of cabin does mean that there is an extra 50 litres of storage under the bunk. This can be accessed by lifting the bunk and the side lockers are also accessible from outside the cabin. Read more

how big is the Volvo XXL?

How Big is the Volvo XXL?

The magic number everyone wants to know is how big is the Volvo XXL? When we’re talking about the cabin space, it is often the dimensions of the bunk available which counts. In the case of the XXL we’re talking about a bed which is 2,130mm long and 1,065mm wide at its widest point, in the middle. There are cutouts at either end for the driver’s and passenger’s seats. Read more

the bigger the better

The Bigger the Better

For many people, when it comes to truck cabins, it is always the bigger the better, or so it seems. Volvo have come up with a new bigger cabin for the FH, the XXL, so Diesel News checks out one of the new models on a test drive to see whether the adage is true. Read more

new developments within the Volvo organisation

Developments Within the Volvo Organisation

Every year Volvo Group Australia takes the opportunity to brief the media on several new developments within the Volvo organisation. The prevailing theme this year centred on how the company is working hard to at least meet if not exceed client expectations across its diverse product range. Paul Matthei reports. Read more

how many clutches do you need?

How Many Clutches Do You Need?

The obvious answer to the question, ‘how many clutches do you need?’ would be one, but Volvo reckon there are advantages, in some cases, to using two clutches to improve driveline efficiency. The Volvo dual clutch technology has been available for some time in Europe, but has finally made its way here, after prolonged testing in Australian conditions.  Read more