Volvo/Daimler fuel cell testing

Volvo/Daimler Fuel Cell Testing

Volvo is showcasing its new zero-emissions truck which uses a Volvo/Daimler fuel cell testing its feasibility for long distance road transport. The fuel cell has been developed by Cellcentric, the joint venture between the Volvo Group and Daimler Truck.  Read more

I came, I drove… I-Save

I came I drove I-Save

Launching into this brave new world, Volvo’s new FH 500 I-Save fairly bristles with technology designed to enhance performance, fuel economy and convenience for the driver and as PowerTorque’s Paul Matthei says, “I came I drove I-Save.”  Read more

drive to head towards a zero emissions operation

Drive to Head Towards a Zero Emissions Operation

Last year, Volvo introduced two electric FL trucks into Linfox’s fleet, as part of that company’s drive to head towards a zero emissions operation. The two trucks are currently running around Melbourne delivering around the city. Read more

producing a mountain munching 2,800Nm of peak torque

Producing a Mountain Munching 2,800Nm of Peak Torque

Volvo Group Australia has released its FH 500 I-Save which features a 13 litre turbo-compound engine producing a mountain munching 2,800Nm of peak torque. PowerTorque jumps at the offer to take a prototype version hitched to a B-double grossing 58 tonnes for a pedal up and down the infamous Toowoomba Range.  Read more

looking back in time at the Volvo F86

Looking Back in Time at the Volvo F86

To get some perspective on just how far the modern trucks have come from the ‘good old’ days, and looking back in time at the Volvo F86, PowerTorque decided to drive one of the you beaut 2021 Volvo FM prime movers over the same route, up against a 1968 F 86. Read more

latest Volvo FM is like entering a different world

The Latest Volvo FM is Like Entering a Different World

The new FM now has the Euro 6 version of the 13 litre engine and puts out 460 hp, from 900 rpm all the way past 1400 rpm. Truck design takes all or most of the worry out of pushing a truck too hard, these vehicles have been engineered and tested to be able to handle a heavy load, while maintaining considerable durability. Read more

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