The transformation of Japanese designed trucks

The Transformation of Japanese Designed Trucks

The transformation of Japanese designed trucks in the past 10 years shows the influence of European ownership, plus the perceived need by Japanese industry to open up to global ideas has taken hold in Japan. The big four Japanese truck makers no longer make a truck to suit Japanese buyers and then adapt it as an afterthought for export markets, the outside world is part of the initial design scope.

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a true Japanese prime mover

A True Japanese Prime Mover

In Australia we have seen plenty of Japanese heavy duty trucks but there has never really been a true Japanese prime mover, with the new Quon from UD, Diesel News reckons we may finally have one.

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the first Mack Anthem in Australia

The First Mack Anthem in Australia

The grand opening of the new Volvo national HQ saw the first Mack Anthem in Australia on the forecourt as the guests made their way into the event. The new facility was officially opened by Queensland Premier, Annastacia Palaszczuk, and Volvo Group Global President and CEO, Martin Lundstedt. 

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Driving the New UD Quon

Driving the New UD Quon

It is a new and interesting encounter, driving the new UD Quon. Climbing up into the cabin is a familiar experience. The original GW470, when it came out, was a sound prime mover design, and UD has retained the essential elements that made it work. Inside the whole look has been freshened up but the overall geography of the interior remains the same. Read more

UD Quon Redesigned

UD Quon Redesigned

Looking at the UD Quon redesigned, it is without major structural changes, but the feel is very different. It still has a similar look to the Quon models it replaces, but with just a bit more style. The grille is a much larger hexagonal shape and gives the truck a much more modern feel. This, and the decision not to launch the trucks in white only, means the UD coming down the road will not look like just another Japanese truck. Read more

UD 8×4 On The Way

The new UD Quon is the finished product, now ready for market and there’s a UD 8×4 on the way. Diesel News examines the new Japanese heavy duty and sees it personifies the relationship between the brands in the Volvo stable. Read more

Truck Platooning in Japan

Truck Platooning in Japan

A field trial of truck platooning in Japan shows how the new technology is spreading across the globe and sees a much more cooperative approach to the subject from the Japanese Government. Read more

Another Aussie Win

Competitors from the Australian trucking industry consistently do well in international competitions featuring driving skills. This week a team from Australia won the UD Trucks Extra Mile Challenge 2015 global final.

The team, consisting of Clint Sheppard and Herman Kaczorowski from DGL, claimed victory at the UD Experience Centre and test track, adjacent to the UD Trucks headquarters in Ageo, Japan. Teams from Australia, South Africa and Japan competed in a series of truck industry and logistic challenges. Read more

Going the Extra Mile

In 2015, the UD Trucks Extra Mile Challenge had six contestants, competing over three tasks designed to replicate the metro delivery experience. The judges examined and marked the driver by the amount of time taken, delivery accuracy, obeying the road rules, fuel efficiency and a smooth driving style with no harsh braking or acceleration. Read more

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