remarkable surge in demand for new trailers

Remarkable Surge in Demand for New Trailers

A new trailer manufacturer in the Sunshine State is going gangbusters, thanks, in part, to the remarkable surge in demand for new trailers over the last 12 months or so. Paul Matthei sits down with James Yerbury, owner of Robuk Engineering, to discuss the details of his thriving new business.  
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complete solution capability

Complete Solution Capability

MaxiTrans will be demonstrating its complete solution capability and its commitment to providing reliable support throughout the MaxiTrans national network. The company will also be emphasising its end-to-end capability by showcasing MaxiParts and MaxiTrans Servicing, as well as its recently acquired Live Bottom Floor solution, Trout River Australia. Read More
technology for intelligent trailers

Technology for Intelligent Trailers

The SAF-Holland Group will present the latest technology for intelligent trailers at the Brisbane Truck Show. With the SAF-Holland Group now including industry brand names such as SAF, Holland, Neway, V.Orlandi and York, there is much to see and talk about. Read More
Trailers to Minimise Size and Weight

Trailers to Minimise Size and Weight

The strategy adopted by Ken Pitt, All Size Equipment Transport (ASET) Managing Director, has been to adapt prime movers and trailers to minimise size and weight to get as many loads inside prescriptive or periodical permit restrictions and as few as possible requiring special permits or pilot vehicles. Read More
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