March sales pick up

Truck sales figures from the Truck Industry Council show a a sharp rise in overall truck sales in March. Some optimism seems to be appearing in parts of the transport industry as overall truck sales figures pick up in sections of the market. Read more

February numbers pick up

The latest truck sales figures do not reinforce the pessimism of those earlier in the year. The Truck Industry Council has released the latest truck sales figures for February and appear to show confidence recovering in the trucking industry. The numbers of trucks sold in February are not going to break any records, but they do show a return to average sales in all market segments. Read more

Truck and trailer data released

The Australian Road Transport Suppliers Association has released the latest data about the trucks and trailers registered to run on our roads. ARTSA analyse the, publicly available, data on vehicle registrations around the country, including the class of vehicle being registered. Read more

Slow start to 2015

The latest truck sales figures will not fill industry with confidence, echoing other news of interest rates reductions and trucking company failures. The latest figures for January truck sales have been released by the Truck Industry Council outlining the numbers segment by segment. Read more

A good end to the year

After a poor first six months, the last quarter of 2014 saw truck sales pick up, virtually across the board at the end of last year, according to the latest figures released by the Truck Industry Council. The TIC numbers for 2014 show the grand total of all trucks sold at just 15 lower than the 2013 total, at 30,630, recovering after a very slow start to the year. Read more

Truck sales remain stable

The most recent truck sales released, the Truck Industry Council T-Mark report, gives us a mixed message about where the economy, the trucking industry in general and the truck market are all going. While some indicators are up, others are down. The overall numbers remain similar to those achieved in 2013. Read more

Truck sales still flat

The end of financial year jump in truck sales, as reported in the Truck Industry Council sales figures, has boosted overall numbers, but the market still remains below that achieved in 2013. Market leaders seem to be able to keep up the momentum in their truck sales in this relatively flat year, as those further down the food chain see a marked dip in numbers. Read more

Truck sales still soft

After a period in which truck sales figures have been depressed, the latest sales numbers for May, published by the Truck Industry Council, are not giving us signs of recovery, and are still down on last year’s figures. After a period where heavy duty showed signs of recovery while medium and light duty remained in the doldrums, the situation now sees all segments staying around the same levels and slightly below where they were 12 months ago. Read more

Mixed messages from TIC truck market data

With the release of the latest truck sales numbers from the Truck Industry Council, there is no clear indication about how the trucking industry is approaching investing in new trucks. Although more trucks were sold in March 2014, when compared to 2013, the overall number so far this year is down on last year. Read more

Slow start to 2014 for truck market

Despite the economic stats telling us there is some real growth out there, the truck buyers of Australia remain cautious. According to the latest figures released by the Truck Industry Council, February 2014 saw 2,178 trucks sold, representing a fall of 6.7% (-156 units) when compared with February 2013. These numbers are disappointing as a slow start to 2014 follows a year of mixed fortunes for the truck makers. Read more