truck sales boom set to continue

Truck Sales Boom Set to Continue

With the release of the latest truck sales figures, they show the truck sales boom set to continue, according to the latest results published for May truck sales in Australia by the Truck Industry Council.

Overall truck sales for the year have already eclipsed 15,000 with the total at 15,179 for the first five months of the year. This compares to just 11,828 this time last year as a total.

Heavy duty sales seem to be settling in to a familiar pattern with Kenworth at number one followed by Volvo, Isuzu and Scania, in that order. All four managed sales for the month of May over 100 units. Kenworth and Scania have better market share figures than they achieved in May last year, while Volvo and Isuzu have dropped back a little on the 2020 percentage. 

Sales in medium duty remain stable, and while they are above last year’s mark at 2,703, this is only 345 above last year. One notable change from 12 months ago is how much closer Hino is to Isuzu as it continues its campaign to topple the long term number one in this segment 36.8 per cent vs 35.6 per cent is much closer that the 43.3/29.9 split we saw at this point in 2020.

The picture is completely different in the light duty market with Isuzu not only retaining market share for the year, but increasing it, while selling 102 more truck in May 2021 than it sold in May 2020. Meanwhile, Hino retain precisely the same share at 23.8, and Fuso has slipped from 18.1 per cent in 2020 to 15.2 per cent this year. 

Clearly, the tax write-off incentives are having the desired effect in the truck industry and sees the truck sales boom set to continue, as the post-pandemic  economic strength looks to continue through this year and on into the future.

truck sales boom set to continue

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December Rebound

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