being in the box business

Being in the Box Business

For a trucking operator, being in the box business can be a a stressful environment to work in, but it can have its rewards, rewards for a bit of hard yacka. Diesel News talks to Peter Gatt, running a busy container operation out of Enfield, just south of Sydney’s Olympic Park.
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getting the dirt on the Scania

Getting the Dirt on the Scania

The tipper and dog market has traditionally been dominated by US trucks, but the Europeans are now queueing up to take on the North American iron in this highly competitive sector and when Diesel News drives one of the contenders, it is getting the dirt on the Scania G500 XT. Read more

new bid to buy Navistar

New Bid to Buy Navistar

The International Trucks brand may become an integral part of a global truck manufacturing group, after Traton launched a new bid to buy Navistar, offering US$35 a share, to value the Chicago-based truck maker at US$3.5 billion. Read more

Scania and Cummins with a new fuel efficient engine

Scania and Cummins With a New Fuel Efficient Engine

A new inline six cylinder has resulted after Scania and Cummins with a new fuel efficient engine. Cummins and Scania have been long-term partners in engine and component development. Technology shared includes turbos and high pressure diesel injection systems. Read more

1,260,000km while still wearing its original brake pads

1,260,000km While Still Wearing its Original Brake Pads 

Nick Apostolovski’s 2012 Scania R 560 which formerly did the fish run between Melbourne and Sydney has notched 1,260,000km while still wearing its original brake pads with plenty of life remaining. Nick, with the help of his wife, Daniela, runs a diverse haulage business called NAD Transport. 

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diverse multi-trailer container carting

Diverse Multi-Trailer Container Carting 

Having successfully operated a number of V8-engined Scanias over the years, a Melbourne-based operator is now finding the six-cylinder Scania G 500 and R 500 New Truck Generation (NTG) prime movers ideal for a diverse multi-trailer container carting and line haul fridge van operation. The never-ending quest for improved fuel efficiency provides the six-pack powertrain with a compelling case. Read more

1,260,000km while still wearing its original brake pads

Is There a Place for 500hp Engines?

With many current multi-trailer prime movers sporting 550 or 600hp ratings, in this market segment is there a place for 500hp engines? Diesel News’ Paul Matthei answers the question. Read more

trucks going cabless

Trucks Going Cabless

The pace of new truck concepts being announced is increasing at a high rate, with trucks going electric, hybrid, hydrogen trucks and trucks going cabless. Here is the latest entrant in the innovation race, the AXL concept from Scania. Read more

continual drive to lower the fuel consumption

Continual Drive to Lower the Fuel Consumption

Scania has introduced a P 360 8×2 rigid version of its New Truck Generation range part of its continual drive to lower the fuel consumption of its trucks. The truck is targeted squarely at urban distribution roles and Paul Matthei took a loaded unit for a jaunt over the Blue Mountains west of Sydney and returned with an extraordinary fuel figure. Read more

lowest possible total cost of ownership

Lowest Possible Total Cost of Ownership

Tailor-made solutions designed to give operators the lowest possible total cost of ownership for the effective life of the vehicle or fleet is a priority for many trucking businesses. Scania, as a truck manufacturer reckons that it has done its utmost in recent years to provide its customers with this kind of solution. Read more

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