improvement in performance for the new Hino trucks

Improvement in Performance for the New Hino Trucks

With the release of the new 300 Series Light duty truck, there is also an improvement in performance for the new Hino trucks, with a new model being introduced for those looking for even more oomph. Hino claims to offer Australia’s most powerful Japanese-built light duty truck range and this claim has been further advanced with the introduction of the new 721 model. Read more

a fully formed truck with a lot of potential

A Fully Formed Truck With a Lot of Potential 

By introducing the 8×4 Quon model now, UD is arriving in a market in which it has not competed before with a fully formed truck with a lot of potential customers’ boxes ticked from the outset. The safety and telematics packages which comes as standard on all product emanating from the Volvo Group means this truck is at the leading edge of the kind of high tech being introduced into Australia’s truck fleets. Read more

hydrogen is coming of age in Switzerland

Hydrogen is Coming of Age in Switzerland

Hydrogen has a long and unsuccessful history in the transport industry, but now hydrogen is coming of age in Switzerland. Here is a report on the innovative trucks from Martin Schatzmann, a commentator about the truck industry in Switzerland. Read more

the other medium duty truck from Japan

The Other Medium Duty Truck from Japan

UD Trucks are mounting a comeback in the one sector of the Australian truck market with the other medium duty truck from Japan, the Croner, leading the charge. Diesel takes one out on the roads of Brisbane to assess its potential. Read more

What is Hino’s Project Z?

This week in the USA, a new project was unveiled, but what is Hino’s Project Z? The US arm of Hino Trucks announced its development path to zero emissions vehicles (ZEV), including a system sourced from Australia, from SEA Electric, a Melbourne based electric truck maker.  Read more

another blow for BTS21

Hino is Pushing the Envelope

With the introduction of the updated 300 Series range, Hino is pushing the envelope on what light duty truck buyers can expect as standard on a truck that they buy. Read more

engine with a top power of 770hp released

Engine With a Top Power of 770hp Released 

A new range of V8s engines include an all new engine with a top power of 770hp released this week by Scania. The Swedish truck maker is also claiming fuel savings of up to six per cent, when the new G33 gearbox is included in the drivetrain.

Read more

Euro 6 trucks rolling off the line in Wacol

Euro 6 Trucks Rolling Off the Line in Wacol

To mark the next step in development for Volvo, with Euro 6 trucks rolling off the line in Wacol, Queensland, Linfox took delivery of the first batch of a 130 truck order for Volvo FM prime movers for its fleet. The first locally manufactured Euro 6 Volvo FMs started to roll off the Volvo Group Australia Wacol assembly line in September.  Read more

fuel cell truck maker in freefall

Fuel Cell Truck Maker in Freefall

Recent events have put Nikola, the US fuel cell truck maker in freefall, after a damning report by analysts. The report was titled, “Nikola: How to Parlay An Ocean of Lies Into a Partnership With the Largest Auto OEM in America,” has led to the resignation of Nikola CEO, Trevor Milton and an ongoing fall in the company’s share value.  Read more