First Time in a Twin Steer Hino 

It has been a long time coming, but the Australian truck market now has a Hino 8×4 with a load sharing suspension, and this was PowerTorque’s first time in a twin steer Hino in Australia and a chance to see how well this model will perform in Aussie conditions. Read more

I came, I drove… I-Save

I came I drove I-Save

Launching into this brave new world, Volvo’s new FH 500 I-Save fairly bristles with technology designed to enhance performance, fuel economy and convenience for the driver and as PowerTorque’s Paul Matthei says, “I came I drove I-Save.”  Read more

drive to head towards a zero emissions operation

Drive to Head Towards a Zero Emissions Operation

Last year, Volvo introduced two electric FL trucks into Linfox’s fleet, as part of that company’s drive to head towards a zero emissions operation. The two trucks are currently running around Melbourne delivering around the city. Read more

get the inside story on the new DAF

Get the Inside Story on the New DAF

PowerTorque’s European Correspondent, Will Shiers, recently had the chance to drive an MX-11-powered DAF XF 450 FT 4×2 prime mover with 3-axle tanker trailer in Malaga, in the south of Spain, to get the inside story on the new DAF. Read more

real-time insights into the operation of fleets

Real-time Insights Into the Operation of Fleets

‘’More than just a mapping or tracking tool, Hino-Connect delivers 700 Series customers real-time insights into the operation of fleets,” says Gus Belanszky, General Manager, Service and Customer Support for Hino Australia. “In an Australian-first, Hino-Connect will allow direct communications with drivers through the intelligent multimedia unit. Read more

8x2 configuration is not a popular choice in Australia

8×2 Configuration is Not a Popular Choice in Australia

Although the 8×2 configuration is not a popular choice in Australia, Gabriel Badea says he’s sold on it because it provides the best payload capacity along with remarkably good fuel economy. What’s more, he doesn’t buy the ‘conventional wisdom’ that suggests a bogie-drive truck is essential for his line of work. Read more

moving N Series forward

Moving N Series Forward

You don’t get to be such a dominant player in the truck market as Isuzu are without always progressing the product, it’s a process which never stops and this year the priority is moving N Series forward into a market with many changes on the horizon.  Read more

smart trucks, for smart trucking

Smart Trucks, for Smart Trucking

At the same time as telematics systems are getting better, so are individual components on a truck, but the truck systems are now becoming powerful enough to stand on their own as a trucking operator’s telematics system, making smart trucks, for smart trucking possible. Read more

truck makers need to keep up with the times

Truck Makers Need to Keep up With the Times

What we expect from a heavy duty truck is changing fast, and truck makers need to keep up with the times. Hino has come up with a model which is precisely tailored to this decade’s Australian heavy market preferences. Read more

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