the cabin of the larger Hino prime mover

The Cabin of the Larger Hino Prime Mover

Climbing up into the cabin of the larger Hino prime mover, the SS 2848, is a different proposition to the smaller rigid FY model. The 700 cabin with the 13 litre engine sits 120mm higher than the model fitted with the nine litre. They are both 700 Series models but they really do look and feel different.  Read more

always dreamed of driving a Peterbilt

Always Dreamed of Driving a Peterbilt

For as long as she can remember Corrina Riley had always dreamed of driving a Peterbilt. Now, thanks to the opportunity given her by Andrew and Cassie Gafney who own an impressive black 388 model Pete, that dream has been realised, writes Paul Matthei. Read more

looking for the high power option

Looking for the High Power Option

The Mack Superliner has become a popular model in the conventional heavy prime mover market, finding favour with operators looking for the high power option of the 685hp MP10, driving through the M-Drive AMT. The model combines the stability advantages of a traditional conventional with a state-of-the-art transmission capable of handling the heavy stuff. Read more

a drastically different product

A Drastically Different Product

This new N Series uses the same basic cabin design that Isuzu have been using since 2007, but, according to Simon Humphries, Isuzu Chief Engineer, Product Strategy, it, ‘really is a drastically different product than that launched 2007’.

Read more

luxurious, big and comfortable European cab

Luxurious, Big and Comfortable European Cab

“I wanted a luxurious, big and comfortable European cab, and that’s exactly what I have with this new truck,” says Gabriel Badea. “It’s really like spending my day in a mobile office, which is what I wanted. Read more

mature medium from Hyundai

Mature Medium from Hyundai

There’s a new truck in town, with the arrival of the Hyundai Pavise, a new mature medium from Hyundai, the Korean truck maker, as it extends its range further into the Australian truck market. Read more

conventional mirrors replaced by cameras

Conventional Mirrors Replaced by Cameras

The DAF’s New Generation XF which PowerTorque’s European Correspondent, Will Shiers, drove was fitted with DAF’s new Digital Vision System, which sees conventional mirrors replaced by cameras located high up on the sides of the cab, with images projected onto screens mounted on the A-pillars. Like Mercedes-Benz’s MirrorCam system, the camera pans while cornering, always keeping the rear of the trailer in the centre. Lines appear on the screens, identifying the rear of the trailer (to aid manoeuvring), and informing the driver when it’s safe to pull in after overtaking another vehicle. Read more

the iconic Mack Superliner

The Iconic Mack Superliner

There are two parts of the Anthem system which have been introduced with the latest iteration of the iconic Mack Superliner. One is the 36inch sleeper and the other is the electronic architecture in the truck and resulting change evident on the dash board and truck interior. Read more

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