the gold bulldog on the bonnet

The Gold Bulldog on the Bonnet

This truck on test is set up exactly as a Mack enthusiast would want it, with the gold bulldog on the bonnet (in this instance, replaced with a black dog to go with the paint job) and this denotes the full Mack proprietary driveline.  Read more

sophisticated integrated telematics program

Sophisticated Integrated Telematics Program

Hino Australia recently introduced its sophisticated integrated telematics program called Hino Connect as standard equipment on the new 700 Series heavy duty models sold in Australia. Paul Matthei took a deep dive into this clever technology which has the potential to maximise efficiencies in truck operation. Read more

steady start to first quarter truck sales

Steady Start to First Quarter Truck Sales

After the record breaking sales figures reported by the Truck industry Council in 2021, there has been a steady start to first quarter truck sales, as reported for March 2022, according to the latest release from the TIC. Read more

state-of-the-art electronic sophistication

State-of-the-art Electronic Sophistication

Hino have come up with an all new 700 Series range, which has extended the overall range and now includes all of the state-of-the-art electronic sophistication you can throw a stick at. Apart from a full safety suite, there is now a new engine available, at nine litres, and a much improved transmission, a genuine 8×4, plus a refresh of the overall look and feel of the 700 Series. Read more

a safety suite has become vital

A Safety Suite Has Become Vital

The installation of a safety suite has become vital, in the Australian truck market and Hyundai have climbed on board of the multi-faceted electronic safety systems train, in this model.  Read more

all of the technological smarts now available

All of the Technological Smarts Now Available 

Isuzu has launched the new N Series model in 2022, but while looking at all of the technological smarts now available on this latest light duty truck from the Japanese truck maker, PowerTorque tries to see a little further down the track to the next stage in the development of Australia’s number one truck brand. Read more

Cummins’ zero emissions road map

Cummins’ Zero Emissions Road Map

A major global engineering powerhouse like Cummins has been reassessing long term plans in reaction to the impending climate crisis and Mike Fowler, Cummins Director and General Manager On Highway Asia Pacific talks to PowerTorque and explains Cummins’ zero emissions road map to get the company to carbon neutrality by 2050. Read more

truck manufacturers have been all at sea

Truck Manufacturers Have Been All At Sea

The disruption caused to global supply chain by the pandemic has meant that many truck manufacturers have been all at sea, or to be more precise not able to get trucks or things like semiconductors across the sea. Read more

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