looking overseas to recruit truck technicians

Looking Overseas to Recruit Truck Technicians

As part of its long-term strategic plan to address the national shortage of skilled heavy vehicle mechanics Hino Australia has been looking overseas to recruit truck technicians. The truck maker has welcomed 15 experienced technicians from the Philippines, while also commencing a second round of international recruitment. Read more

driving down the safety highway

Driving Down the Safety Highway

High levels of electronic safety systems are now becoming the normality in all new truck launches as we continue driving down the safety highway. Tim Giles drives the latest model to check out the state-of-the-art technology in the new Isuzu N Series range. Read more

road train platoon in action

Road Train Platoon in Action

This video is an opportunity to see a road train platoon in action in the Pilbara. The trucks belong to Mineral Resources (MRL)which is claiming a world-first success with a road train platoon hauling a cumulative 900 tonnes of iron ore.

The trials were announced last year and seem to have quickly borne fruit with a successful platoon hauling product on the company’s haul roads. 

The company claims it will only need to have a driver in the first road train when the system is up and running. However, it is clear from the video that the process is not far enough down the development process to not have a driver sitting in the cabins of the second and third in line, there is still a driver in the driver’s seat, they just aren’t holding the steering wheel.

According to the Australian Mining website, MRL has partnered with autonomy specialist Hexagon on the project, integrating Hexagon’s drive-by-wire technology with an autonomous management system to orchestrate vehicle movement.

MRL mining services chief executive Mike Grey is quoted by the website as having said automating a road train platoon of this size had never been achieved before and he was delighted his company was leading the world with this ground-breaking innovation.

“It’s been an exciting journey over the past year and we’ve now achieved a world-first platoon of three autonomous road trains, which is a game changer for us,” said Grey. “It’s an extremely proud moment to see our autonomous project grow from desktop concept to iron ore reality so quickly.”

The project has been undertaken in partnership with Hexagon, with a view to ‘live’ introduction to enable pit-to-port capabilities at Mineral Resources’ Ashburton hub project.

The autonomous road trains are planned to be used in platoons of four, with a driver occupying the front vehicle. They will not be travelling on public roads. 

“As we get ready for the Ashburton Hub Iron Ore Project and look to unlock stranded tonnes of iron ore, our autonomous road trains will be the vital link between the pit and the port,” said Grey, when talking to Australian mining. “As the first of its kind in the world, it opens up new opportunities for us, as we can trial the technology ourselves before offering it to our Tier 1 customers.”

road train platoon in action

performance data tracking in real time

Performance Data Tracking in Real Time

Hino Connect is an integrated telematics system that combines key performance data tracking in real time, remote diagnosis of vehicle faults and 24/7 alerts delivered to the truck’s owner and their Hino Connect specialist for priority repairs and service support.  Read more

Cummins and Isuzu medium duty collaboration

Cummins and Isuzu Medium Duty Collaboration

Between now and 2030 Cummins expects to get to the point where it will build scale in new technologies as the economy builds renewable grid infrastructure and the Cummins and Isuzu medium duty collaboration will be part of this process.

Read more

Pavise feels like a modern sophisticated truck

Pavise Feels Like a Modern Sophisticated Truck

From behind the wheel, the Hyundai Pavise feels like a modern sophisticated truck. The performance of the ZF AMT further enhances this perception with the smooth changing appearing absolutely seamless from the driver’s seat.  Read more

first photos of the K220 interior

First Photos of the K220 Interior

As with any truck launch, which the whole of the trucking industry is hanging out for, early peeps at what the truck looks like is always welcome, hence here are the first photos of the K220 interior, published on Facebook. Read more

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