driving Volvo Group into the future

Driving Volvo Group Into the Future

Juggling three divergent truck brands and getting them through the pandemic was the task last year and this year has not been easy for an organisation driving Volvo Group into the future. Tim Giles speaks to the leadership team about the challenges and forward plans. Read more

global truck market during Covid

Global Truck Market During Covid

Looking around the world at the global truck market during Covid can be a little confusing. The situation looks like it will remain unstable for some time to come, as the industry will need trucks as economies recover, but lockdowns will limit all activities, including truck sales.  Read more

the new Western Star 49X

The New Western Star 49X

Virtual press events get the word out, sort of, except, unless you watch out for them, they don’t, case in point: the new Western Star 49X, you shoulda been there. PowerTorque’s US Correspondent, Steve Sturgess, was there when the new truck was released in the US, but there has been no word on its possible introduction in Australia, as yet. Read more

new Mack boss announced

New Mack Boss Announced

The reshuffle at the top of the Volvo organisation in Australia sees a new Mack boss announced this week. The new Vice President, Mack Trucks Australia is to be Tom Chapman who has been with Volvo Group Australia since 2015.

Read more

how far can you push a truck?

How Far Can You Push a Truck?

Attendees at the upcoming Brisbane Truck Show should be able to answer the question, how far can you push a truck? The truck push will be part of the South Bank Truck Festival, an event associated with BTS21. Read more

T610 tested on a typical line-haul run

T610 Tested on a Typical Line-haul Run

The Kenworth PowerTorque took on a 2,000km trip on the Bruce Highway from Brisbane to Mackay and return saw the T610 tested on a typical line-haul run. The prime mover was hitched to a 34-pallet curtainsider B-double with the combination sporting a fairly typical GCM of 55 tonnes. The truck was loaded northbound but returned to Brisbane empty. Read more

a new truck building system

A New Truck Building System

Mack’s Anthem is not just a new cabin design; this is a new truck building system with all of the latest technology integrated into the truck build. It is this new system, which will not only be appearing in the new Anthem model but will also be the standard operating system and and interior design on the Mack trucks further up the range, i.e. the Trident and the Superliner. Read more

the Hino 700 dripfeed continues

The Hino 700 Dripfeed Continues

With small snippets of information about the new model on its way, the Hino 700 dripfeed continues with another release this week which proves to be a bit of a poser for those who know the Hino range. Read more

the return of the BlackBerry

The Return of the BlackBerry

An announcement this week sees the return of the BlackBerry name continuing, as the former maker of early mobile phones which included a keyboard and gained the reputation as being an addictive ‘CrackBerry’ has transformed into a technology provider to the truck industry alongside other vehicle makers. Read more