Volvo/Daimler fuel cell testing

Volvo/Daimler Fuel Cell Testing

Volvo is showcasing its new zero-emissions truck which uses a Volvo/Daimler fuel cell testing its feasibility for long distance road transport. The fuel cell has been developed by Cellcentric, the joint venture between the Volvo Group and Daimler Truck.  Read more

more detail on the Kenworth K220

More Detail on The Kenworth K220

The truck has been launched and is due to start touring Australia as part of the launch program, but the trucking industry is already looking for more detail on the Kenworth K220. Read more

set some aggressive emissions targets

Set Some Aggressive Emissions Targets

PowerTorque’s European Correspondent, Will Shiers, tells that the UK government has set some aggressive emissions targets, with a ban on diesel trucks below 26 tonnes GVM set to come into force in 2035 (2040 for over 26 tonnes). However, there’s no pressing regulatory need for operators to make the switch from diesel to zero tailpipe emissions.  Read more

new K220 models emerge out of the dark

New K220 Models Emerge Out of the Dark

On a balmy night at Archerfield Airfield in Brisbane, a group of trucks was unveiled, driving in line, the new K220 models emerge out of the dark and into the doorway of a massive hangar, filled with the Kenworth faithful. Read more

K-series cab-over has been a solid and dependable prime mover

K-Series Cab-over Has Been a Solid and Dependable Prime Mover

For more than 50 years Kenworth’s venerable K-series cab-over has been a solid and dependable prime mover used for many tasks. However, there is a K-series Achilles Heel, which is ride quality. Sure, various measures such as parabolic front springs have been added which have made a dramatic improvement over earlier models. But the fact remains that the K-series ‘kick in the back’ is still evident on rough roads, which Australia has aplenty. Read more

assessing the truck market

Assessing the Truck Market

When TR Group arrived on the Australian truck and trailer market a few years ago, its first task was one of assessing the truck market and seeing where the business could develop. PowerTorque checks in on how the project is going.

Read more

working out complex light duty options

Working Out Complex Light Duty Options

The market for vehicles with a GVM between 3.5 and 7 tonnes is quite complicated, potential ute/van/truck buyers will spend their time working out complex light duty options to find a transport solution to fit their task. Read more

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