this truck is a bit of a goer

This Truck is a Bit of a Goer

With 205hp (151 kW) on tap under the driver’s right foot and 600Nm of torque all driving through a six-speed automatic gearbox, you start to get the idea this truck is a bit of a goer. Read more

Velocity buy another Daimler dealership

Velocity Buy Another Daimler Dealership

The US dealer operation Velocity Vehicle Group is further extending its major move into the Australian truck market as Velocity buy another Daimler dealership. After picking up a number of Daimler Truck dealerships early this year the US company has now taken control of Daimler’s biggest NSW outlet, its Huntingwood dealership. Read more

FYJ Agitator mixes with the best

FYJ Agitator Mixes With the Best

Concrete agitating is one of the toughest applications out there, testing a truck’s chassis day-in and day-out and Isuzu reckon the FYJ Agitator mixes with the best. Read more

Mack in black

Mack in Black

Spotted last week by PowerTorque on its way to the Mount Isa Rodeo was this Mack in black, which is part of a sponsorship deal between the truck maker and Driza-bone. This week PowerTorque got the opportunity to test drive the stunning truck in stunning Western Queensland to see how the truck performs in its natural environment. Read more

personnel changes at Iveco HQ in Dandenong

Personnel Changes at Iveco HQ in Dandenong

A number of organisational changes which are said to allow the company to further streamline operations and better respond to customer needs means a number of personnel changes at Iveco HQ in Dandenong have been announced. Read more

no replacement for displacement

No Replacement for Displacement

The old adage about the fact that there is no replacement for displacement used to be a very useful indicator. A truck would need a big block and plenty of horses to get up to speed and to hold speed. However, those engines did not have the kind of torque curves we are seeing in the modern electronically controlled engine.  Read more

major Kenworth and Peterbilt medium duty upgrade

Major Kenworth and Peterbilt Medium Duty Upgrade

The major Kenworth and Peterbilt medium duty upgrade includes the adoption of the 2.1-m wide cab from the heavy duty trucks, with a much more modern interior and dash and controls than the three decades old previous models, PowerTorque’s US Correspondent, Steve Sturgess takes a look at the new models.  Read more

road trains in the UK

Road Trains in the UK

If the UK ever grasps the obvious productivity and environmental benefits of permitting road trains in the UK, it will be largely thanks to one man. PowerTorque’s European Correspondent, Will Shiers, takes a look at the fascinating life of Dick Denby.

Read more

how much power do you need?

How Much Power Do You Need?

Ask any truck driver a simple question like, how much power do you need? In reply, you will get a variety of answers, but most will amount to a return question, how much power can you give me? Read more

net zero commitment from Fuso

Net Zero Commitment From Fuso

Japanese truck maker Fuso will be following the Daimler Truck target of CO2-neutrality in production sites, with the net zero commitment from Fuso aiming to shift all plants to CO2-neutrality by 2039.  Read more